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Spelled in Bones  


the fatal mistake
Just to fill your head with knowledge till your mind goes blank
And rumble with boys and dispose of the shank
GANG can be spelled with
I saw a name in the graveyard that I knew
Glowing, like the neon in a lounge light
Spelled just the same as the twinge that crawls through you
made them blind
Where they hide 
And prey to the God of a bitch spelled backwards is dog
Not for one race, one creed, one world
But for money
is Lost and Lonely
That's spelled with one L not two
And don't you think you
Could be my one and only
Baby just long enough
For me to make love
Blacken her technicolor telecaster
Lecture at a faster rate
The class was making them develop backwards
It would appear you spelled out all the answers
Now Vince was a loner
A lovable stoner (aha)
He lived in a bluebird
Spelled his name backwards (aha)

He's so pretty
He always looks shitty (aha)
for me)
(An eye for an eye, a dream for a dream)

It'll make you say "oh God, why was I wrong?
I missed all the meaning while it was spelled out all
The Gun Shots At?
Loose Lips Sank Ships, Ya'll N****s Didn't Even Pop Back
Oh Lord, I Swore, If Any Muthaf***a Holla My Name
I'm Raw, Spelled Backwards,
And Where The Gun Shots At?
Loose Lips Sank Ships, Ya'll Niggas Didn't Even Pop Back
Oh Lord, I Swore, If Any Muthafucka Holla My Name
I'm Raw, Spelled
(Yo, what's that?) That's my name spelled backwards
I'm buggin' (you be illin')
Back to boggle, baffle, bewilder, beat
Any opposition that would like
grave, I was too blind to see
That love, spelled to you, is F-A-M-E

You fuck your way up the ladder
Going down on your way to the top
Do your arms
and killin niggas that they kid me
Nothing on yo bitch face, rain is in the sick place
Maybe it's the wax or the fact that I'm shit phased
Rap spelled
the hydro unless its got codone behind it
Never have to roam far from home to find it
Writin fake scripts like my doctor signed it
Till I spelled his last
Copie role Old National highway
Spelled it out for out-of-towners comin' at me sideways
Old Nat
I can't want for them to get you
Y'all stalkers
Hood nigga from the North side, Memphis, Tennessee

Tattooed on my left arm, spelled like Hennessey
Yeah, this go out to all you niggas in
to you, I was sprung on your juice.
The more of you I possessed, the more power
Anything could be obtained with your use.
But the quest for you spelled
up a tat
I'm showin' pride for my side, you wonder which God
I represent the sun, moon and star
A 'mad dog' spelled backwards since I was a pup,
Thanks for including me
You spelled "we" so differently
[Chorus: x2]
dare you not remember
How dare you walk away
We adored every little thing
Every little thing would leave us breathless
Every dawn spelled another day
They knew it wasn't meat
But eat they did
With a scent
Of Smelling like a reef.

In the Soundtrack
Then their was Harpoon Hannah
Had a look that spelled
That I should have my chance and lose
I feel like I've been used
To help you through another night
You've spelled it out in black and white
Spelled C-U-N-T (bitch)

And after all, the rise and fall
You're not worth my time

I'm calling it quits, right now, this time
You're playing
Honestly avoiding noise pollution
And easy to use conclusions

Because some things
Weren’t meant to be spelled out
Still it’s the simple things that
They got me thinkin porn from like dusk till dawn
They got my crew spelled out non phi-xi-on
They got mobile phones that we purchase on a rental

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