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breakfast cereal bowl
I'd spelled your name with Oatios
He messed it, messed it, messed it, messed it up

I've got my telescope head in the haystack
I am
Wait'll why'dig it on the map - Airegin
Spelled backwards
Really're closin' up the gap - Airegin
Gone fac'wards

Back long time ago they saw
spelled was a mystery
What it meant I could not comprehend
Should I buy a vowel and lose my lead
When will this madness ever end

SH_ _ K _ _ _ _CK
the lines spelled out for you (spelled out for you) 
Just hear this song cause you can't go wrong when you value (better value) 
A woman's (woman's)
I swear by my tattoo 

Then there was Harpoon Hannah 
Had a look that spelled out danger 
My heart quivered when she whispered 
'Hi there
do is read the

Well, Johnny broke up with Deborah Davis.
She's the quick stop clerk.
She got a ladder and changed all the letters,
Spelled out
Show me them now those wild little boys,
the ones that spelled trouble and stole all their toys,
young boys with contempt and schemes in their
breakfast cereal bowl
I'd spelled your name with Oatios
He messed it, messed it, messed it, messed it up

I've got my telescope head in the haystack
I am
my tattoo.
Then there was Harpoon Hannah,
Had a look that spelled out danger.
My heart quivered, 
When she whispered, "I'm there stranger."
Bought her
Uh, uh
Yes yes yes yes yes yes
Fresh- from the L.O.N.S. Family tree in 1992
This is Busta Rhymes, spelled with an A
As I will carry you
Tied up to concrete at the bottom of the quarry
With a tattoo on his heart that spelled out "Caroline"
He was silent but his rosary
Well, it
so unfair
That I'd should have my chance and lose
Feel like I've been used to help you

Through another night
You spelled in out in black and white
of Truth
That's Truth spelled with a great big T
And peddled in the mystic's booth
There are oh so many miracles
That the western sky exposes
Why go looking
Integrity of construction
The best money can buy
Her size is greater than any
A Belfast shipyard's pride
Signal flags spelled out the word
made them blind
Where they hide 
And prey to the God of a bitch spelled backwards is dog
Not for one race, one creed, one world
But for money
link spelled Jesus' name

Hold on 
Hold on
Hold on
Mary had a golden chain
Hold on
If you want to get to heaven let me tell you how
Keep your
is Lost and Lonely
That's spelled with one L not two
And don't you think you
Could be my one and only
Baby just long enough
For me to make love
I saw a name in the graveyard that I knew
Glowing, like the neon in a lounge light
Spelled just the same as the twinge that crawls through you
been gone
Well I hear the people whisper
Why's he never with her
And quickly hanging up their phone
Oh I put them all together
And it spelled
Someone perfect
You brought the brilliance
Into my life, into my life

You put the sunshine
Into the dark side part of me
Spelled down in your magic
to you, I was sprung on your juice.
The more of you I possessed, the more power
Anything could be obtained with your use.
But the quest for you spelled
the old man thought we were reporters
He kept reminding me of how his simple name was spelled
Some lady said, "They worth more money now than when they's
'til Tuesday, friend
You say your lack of dividend
Has always been spelled out in the stars

Now I look at you
And you look at me
(And my wallet)
spelled my name,
When I was young, I need you right there
And you ran so fast.
You stayed the same.
Oh Melody, I hope that you care, you care, you care, you

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