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Do they have sickness in society 
Do they have glitter crap gaiety 

Don't ever trust authority
Pigs, parents and our society
You got to play by your own, own set of rules
Fuck the law, fuck the law, fuck the law, burn
doing the things you do
Whose opinion are ya listening to?
Justifying, you turn it all to gray
Synchronizing to society's ways 

Society has gotten
used to see Now these are things that just don't change Like society But I'm tilting at windmills All the same
No man in the world
No man in the world

The measure of any society is how it treats it's women and girls

No man is big enough for my arms
just what to think 
I can see it 
Gotta believe it 
Now I'm on the fuckin' brink 

Society is killing me 
Society electric 

what people want
Cultural coded society

Secret monster machines
Evolve in our spirits
Deeper in mind, digging
To find the ultimate

Today in South Central violence is an all-time high
Due to the terrorist group ATL
You might label them as being a menace to society

Now it's
I was born for your magazines
For your magazines
I am trapped in the society page
Of your magazines
Of your magazines
I don't know what it means
Yeah, I'm free
From your inciting
You can't brainwash me
You've got a problem

Yeah I'm free
From society
You can't control me
Open your eyes - what do you see?
A world in ruins and a corrupt society
Is this how our future will be?
Masstarvation and sicknesses - reality!
will save me
cause I'm young
I'm 13
and I'm cute
and it's your fault
society's fault
school's fault
church's fault
government's fault
You don't know how lucky you are
Society's pages she never may grace
Or dress in fine garments of satin and lace

But if comfort awaits you in
a violent society
I just think we live in such a violent society
I just think we live in such a violent society

Seemed like a regular kind of guy, you
boy you're society's child
Cut your teeth, cut your mouth, cut it out
Meteor rise from obscurity
All it took was a killing spree 
And the whole
I can't comprehend society's movement
The regression of human existence
This is the quest of life
Fulfill your destiny

Slow down this fast paced
now and then to eat and shit
Don't go outside 'cause I don't fit
Society's not ready for me
Crazy assholes never will be
- put up a strong fight
Against society and their rules
Before they do us in
All the scenes together
We're all the fuckin same
As one - together
Unwanted youth
Unwanted youth
Rebellion to society
Searching for a war
Unwanted youth
Unwanted youth
Cowards of the revolution
Burn them to the bone
Portable men's society! 
Now I mention these things
the unknown
To justify the formulated scheme
So we find a gleaming light to lead us far beyond
The closing gates of our society

There's no time to run
it's only human actions
force me to lash out and crush

every day i see
the cattle march by
clueless victims of society's
numbing effects
give a shit for patterns and the fucking trends

I scream out to you: "why can't you see?"
That you are just a part of a game played by society
picking up sticks
And the man in the gallows lies permanently waiting
For the doctors to come back and tend to him,

The Flat Earth Society is meeting

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