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I don't want to listen to the radio
I don't want to drown in American society 

Don't want to be rich
Now can't you see the way they dress
(Jimmy P. Brown II, George Ochoa)
What kind of society do we have
Where doing the wrong is right?
Living by rules pressured in
Throughout time
Unity is a rare thing
Blind eyes of society bring
The category of minority
Now what are we supposed to be?
Born free to be
Powerless to change
as[?] machines
To [?]
And convalesce when society doesn't need me
I am free
Hopeless heroes beat this clap-trap haven
Rats are bigger than the noise, this generation
Who the hell is Tod Jones anyway?
Society's bombs
And those committed to society's circles
Unwary cogs with no cadence or virtue.

There will be right, there will be wrong.
Drop of the hat
at all
Your life is your priority

No hope for you alone
Kept out of sight
Unseen, disowned
By society

You know what will be will be
No such thing
Blindly uphold the status quo. 
Never question the way things are. 
Locked into a mindless void. 
Spend a lifetime licking ass. 
Look at me when I'm feeling down
All my emotions being puked on the crowd
Do you think anybody cares
I'm society's sucker of your great welfare
Throw away society, they will reach nowhere
Throw away society, they will win anyway

Hear the way they´re talking, watch the way they move
they live
Born in the casket of society's decay
On your knees to be rewarded with strife
Born in the casket of society's decay
On your knees to be rewarded
It all lies before me
in my hands
the awful facts of our future
oh yes, I fear for the development
of the final society...

and pain
And you'll feel the shame
For what you do in gods name

We will fight for the right to be free
We will build our own society
And we will sing, we
Consuming the fruits of ill virtue

Personifying the sickening nature of man's lechery
Lusting society's forbidden fruit
Loving in uncaring detachment
We do not accept
What you call reality
We do neglect
Your rules of democracy
We will tear apart
The structures of society
We will destroy
part of society's vision. don't give in, to what they tell you. fight for what's right, and don't give in. you've got to resist, the power structure
as you believe
And I will burn your world

For you to see, I am your enemy
We don't need society's approval
Just a face, we are unstoppable

We will
of a race
We're blind

And that's the way I feel, the way I feel, yeah

Yeah what we done we got to be ashamed of
Society's now bent on money and lies
inside your doors
Teardrops fall on my shoes

Is there no time to be amused
Poor are crying to be heard
I'm crying for the world

Society my friend,
you the high
Now controls your escape from proverbial cloud nine
Sad dependency - Brainfried society
All essence of being turmoil
Your white
For it is Mary, Mary plain as any name can be,
But with propriety, society will say "Marie".
But it was Mary, Mary long before the fashions came
We are the Village Green Preservation Society
God save Donald Duck, Vaudeville and Variety
We are the Desperate Dan Appreciation Society
God save
you fool

You've planned your life so carefully for society's delight
And still you can't quite understand why things just don't seem right
Something's going on in society
(Dancing with the big boys)
You chew your fingers and stare at the floor
(Dancing with the big boys)
One wrong

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