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Reflecting on a pass few moments I pass the dusse
For peaks sake I dove in a bottle skated like lupe
And turned up in the club with my boys right on a tuesday
Benz just waiting on me
Niggas done hated and skated on me
Buried a nigga for envy and greed
I came out the ground like I was a seed
I had to grow up,
here when you call me
We skated to your crib
That's when you threw it back
I want to make the past my present
Can you get with that
You home alone I know
I'm lit like vegas
We lit like vegas
Nicca we lit like vegas
She say I'm lit like vegas, AYE

As soon as I got dat state ID
I skated
Booked us
tried to go out
Skated to a saturated world to see the colors round
Wish i had the energy to paint the town
Always felt that a house ain't a home with no
Coughing a lung out my chest

Remember when people rocked Bape
Back Carter Three Lil Wayne 
When Kanye released 808s
OF made bangers and skated
Didn't talk I
ain't making no noise like acoustic
Game is up, you can hang it up
Yeah you already know da kidd changes up
Know you think you on my level but i skated up
people who been told they would never make it
Go figure we ice skated on them cold words
Now we sitting good warmed up with hors d'oeuvres
Broccolini with
Skated on then ice to the guap 
The black face mask racist goals I stopped 
We run track & field 
But in the class 
How we learning how to get up off
years, at the time it was deep
Underlying problematic shit, couldn't even sleep
As I skated off to school I hid my board by the trash
Everyone was talking
to catch the crumbs
When I needed people most
They skated on me 
Having fun 
I can tell you different
That's why I do my best to keep you lifted 
You are
get around me she get motivated (Un)
When she away from the home man her boyfriend hate it (Un)
Soon as she seen the text n***a she skated (Damn)
while I’m feeling faded
Lust turning into hatred
Must I feel betrayed which
I did but you skated
I did and played with
Opportunities I gave which I
skated down, hoping he wouldn't roll the dice

As we were watching both those teams
I was sitting next to the girl of my dreams
And though we've only just
niggas, play it off, euro step lay the ball
Played 'em all, met your bitch she rode the dick, ate the balls
8-Ball MJG skated off, latest car, ladies man,
linked up
Held it down and I skated on ya 
Sad to see we ain't keep up
Thinking back to them early days 
We would tear the whole fucking rink up
Word in
What competition these niggas dated
Killin niggas on many levels and phases
Can’t hit my blunt I rolled up then I skated
I just keep calm and stick
got a win
All of my homies been finding they purpose
All I wanna do is get closer to mine
I never skated I'm uncoordinated
But Tony Hawk couldn't come
Sunny afternoon, it was after school
Alley boys skated cause there’s nothing else they’d rather do
So they hit up the spot, it was only five stairs
ask me to
The Young God, no confusing who you chatting to
Passion plus the mastery, I don't use gas for fuel

Well I skated round the world 
My world 
can't relax I hit the stain and then I skated 
Writing bars easy flow crazy Whatchu doing hoe 
Muscle cars lux w stars maybe I was stealing those 
But I do do I do I do 
I would say it 
Just dont got the heart to say it
Come come now let's get faded 
All around the ring we skated

Now you put
When you say words that'll breed the jealous
I'm from a place where nobody make it
You might be straight, but you never make it
So I done skated
had skated
Pussy niggas fuckin hate that we made it
To the studio inside of a basement
And u know my team is winning like I am nick Saban
Scared niggas

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