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and squeak... cook it up

On the edge of the fall out
I looked just before I leapt
I tried to figure out
How much time is left

So across the pond I skated
where we came
And go round and round and round in the circle game

Then the child moved ten times round the seasons
Skated over ten clear frozen streams
the place like a bad paintin by basquiat 
dont destroy my capitol i promise that im worth the stock 
turn me up 5000 wats  skated up and down the block 
Never ever ran in a brawl , but when I Copped this Ice You could kinda say I skated on niggas ...

Me & Cam did everything Gucci in 1-4 ... All the shit I
of Christmas, 
my Zug love took me to Ägeri 
We skated on ice and had a couple drinks 
And another, and another, and another, and another, I think

On the third
while I’m feeling faded
Lust turning into hatred
Must I feel betrayed which
I did but you skated
I did and played with
Opportunities I gave which I
skated down, hoping he wouldn't roll the dice

As we were watching both those teams
I was sitting next to the girl of my dreams
And though we've only just
got a win
All of my homies been finding they purpose
All I wanna do is get closer to mine
I never skated I'm uncoordinated
But Tony Hawk couldn't come
ask me to
The Young God, no confusing who you chatting to
Passion plus the mastery, I don't use gas for fuel

Well I skated round the world 
My world 
Late last night 
We went out 
Skated over to your house
Summer Sweat
You could tell that I'm a mess

No matter what i do
I always think
Bump life
When you living for the world acceptance
Tryna get the money
For your girl's expressions
Poppa skated on me
But my mom's my blessing
hoe, don't get skated on
Deleted all these niggas shit, I make my favorite songs
My bitch don't ever take too long
And wear my favorite thong
And I know
I show him the bait then I skated off
I'm already up so I can't take a loss
You know you the plug You get arches offs
He got away so Yakno imma pay
me a house on the hills, get it gated
‘Member I hopped in the foreign and skated
Young Atlanta nigga I got hoes in Vegas
I been working nigga, how
real soon
And like the stars there's more where he came from

I met a boy one day which shoes that skated avenues
My mom just shook her head and said, "I
And all he could do was just cry

While the tears were falling

He was recalling the answers that he never found

Hopped on a freighter, skated the ocean
More attention more followers hate it 
Tell Jay a young n***a skated 
Bump HOV n***a I'm the greatest
Be with these lames

The only nigga that I loved he dipped And skated on me
When shit got tough he up and left But it aint shit to me
Cause every nigga
pain, oh
Next I drank some whiskey
And I skated through the streets, oh

It feels good to let go

Every night I wanna off myself
Tonight I wanna let
skated north 
Look like I got splashed by a plate of sauce 
Your girl hit me with the side eye 
But when I noticed it she tried to 
Play if off 
All my
smashing I thought about her
Then I got out the shower, skated on her like Otto from rocket power
I need a bigger bag
Come from the jungle where niggas go
on mission
I got hits I ain't missing
They hated and skated I know that they miss me
Friendships history
I remember I was down and you kicked me
Sometimes I
who's he?
And we steady scoring shots
No K.D
And I been getting really high off this shit lately
Downtown getting faded
I done skated on her and she jaded
It all just washed away
Feels like yesterday
This is hard for me to say
Nothing feels real today

Couldn't even ollie but we skated to the spots

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