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everything turned out okay
Moved to Cali in 5th grade I was husky and a chump
lived in Santa Cruz for years where I was bullied down to tears
Never skated
the patience for it
Your last nigga was a sad nigga, skated out  the door and then he blamed you for it
Tears mixed with mascara running down your face is
There she was standing at the bar
I peeped her when she stepped out the car
She lifted up her drink to toast up
Then I skated, to get close to her
the field
We kill any competition
There is no competition
The definition
They tried hating
We skated by
They try to kill us
We never die
faking on me
When I was in jail, had couple boppers skated on me
Yes sir, we ain't playing dress up
I'm the real deal, headshots, vest up
Yea they know who
you been
We skated on ice it was really thin
Just came to say hi sorry that I went
Away from you you’re hating you cause you thought I meant
the one with black face, fuck gucci
don't be hating on me
Bitches waiting on me
Had to let he ass go
Cuz she was flaking on me
That hoes skated on me but
see what we got

I'll say it, I've skated, I let ice skating go unchecked 
My favorite floats when they hit pirouettes
Back from the future, I see Biff
thought the day would come when I get paid for thought
Skated off with some checks, man, afraid to talk
About the figures that I got, money stackin
skated north 
Look like I got splashed by a plate of sauce 
Your girl hit me with the side eye 
But when I noticed it she tried to 
Play if off 
All my
could of hated but never did say it
I Could have left and never did skated
I'm reaching a point almost nothing can faze me
I been so tired, it's driving
troubles i payed for em
My demons tried praying for me
Bounce back you can't ignore it
Came back no one was wating for me
Started grinding cause the skated
Connected like Xfinity
I’m too sick, there’s not a remedy
From the gutter like a centipede
Since a grasshopper Been a G
The women skated when they sentenced
Then skated the hood
Went straight to danie 
Now im burning on woods
Trigguhs back 2 back 
Blunts lookin like suges 
Tryna get milli
Put it back in
to break me down like broken crack pipes but I caught it
All that hate they sent to me
I sold it back they bought it
And I skated through
My execution was
niggas, play it off, euro step lay the ball
Played 'em all, met your bitch she rode the dick, ate the balls
8-Ball MJG skated off, latest car, ladies man,
linked up
Held it down and I skated on ya 
Sad to see we ain't keep up
Thinking back to them early days 
We would tear the whole fucking rink up
Word in
What competition these niggas dated
Killin niggas on many levels and phases
Can’t hit my blunt I rolled up then I skated
I just keep calm and stick
music is not for the money
But since it’s coming I can’t say I don’t want it
The way she skated on me should be working at Sonic
The way I spit this shit
searching for alignment like the whip need fixing 
Talk about the grinding like I skated with Tony 
In a world full of phonies, it's the truth that's missing
the race but homie this a marathon‬
‪I know you say you down to ride but I’m the one you skated on‬
‪That’s petty shit, tryna keep it rollin’ like it’s Nelly
to the world
And everything is different, like a boy and a girl, or in between
Like how I was when I was between the sheets
But she turned cold, skated, hit
More attention more followers hate it 
Tell Jay a young n***a skated 
Bump HOV n***a I'm the greatest
need no help

I passed the test of patience now I'm in your girlfriend's playlist
I skated past the nameless on my way to grasping greatness
They laughed

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