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masters of the craft 
The blueprint is set I shall follow the path 
Inspired by made men that's   the  significance 
Spells on lost souls from thought
of your presuppositions
I've been looking
Someone to stick through thick and thin
I've been looking for some significance
Y'know I've made my fingertips
Ah, Ah
What is the purpose? What's the significance?
Can this life be defined as a coincidence?
Put together all of the pieces like a puzzle
of significance 
They hate when you somebody and love when you a nobody 
Whats the difference?
There aint none though 
I'm the same one came up out the mud hoe
There's a kind of significance sewn
In the mills and in the railroads
Tell me what you hate the most across the plains
I'm headed back there I can't stand
Significance of cells and then 
How they independently think beneath my skin 
I'm brilliant lord of the flies resilient 
With no remorse cause in the end
beauty, no significance
It all died
In its mother's
Final grasp
father please
Give my life significance
Benevolent autocracy I beg you
Give me labour for my day
I could never find a worthwhile purpose
Not without you
raps I give omens
A man of prophetic significance on the low
Im the coldest spitting n rippin temperatures below
Change the course of history I rewrote
of an impact the larger the crowd
More people came the significance made them want 
To see before they were put in the ground
When I go out only parents will
hard to read
The letters are weird together and she doesn't know
The significance of her name

What is my name
What is my name
In the future
as a way to try to make a difference again
Use it for significance
Time to be magnificent
Over inconsiderates
And fry them up ridiculous
Oh, my flows too
It’s that cosmic significance
More than coincidence
Suffer for wisdom
You choose to get into this
Qanon’s business is
Killing the witnesses
To all
Peace is made with the cosmos and the realms emerge from the stardust
Significance is then realized
However small the drop, your ripples will be felt

You've found something that I thought I lost
The strangest part of this is that you don't know
What significance this has for me and I cant show
intricately see
The significance of me
All that other stuff doesn't even matter
I'm here for a reason
The feelings are there for a season
They go away
Be angry
infamous you gotta have a little bit of diligence 
The issue is ridiculous you never see significance
Starting to really understand what kind of bitch you is
I Saw significance in the insignificant 
Every detail so magnificent

Told my son shoot for the stars
Small town kid pullin up foreign cars
On my
you feel that you are nobody
Always feel that you count
Always feel that you have worth
And always feel that your life has ultimate significance

I done
Some may call it game just significance

I need a pretty chick
Better than ya average
Bad bitch
Never had shit
But she's the baddest
I need a pretty
Lost our dreams along the way
Sleep dreading the next day
Locked our hopes away
Now we're lost in this haze
They said grow little girl
We'll make
When i felt that hunger in my chest I broke bread wit my Nigs
Neva selfish save that money up just go my kid
I don’t live for success i live significance
ears to listen
Mindset on the vision 
Put significance on my diction 
Was feelin down and depressed was stressed for a minute 
About my life now i'm
swear it will be alright
If T.O.M had learned anything it was that you cant ascribe great cosmic significance to a simple earthly event
coincidence -

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