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of Innocence'
They livin' off of impotence 
They act like its coincidence?
I wonder what the coexistence is?
Absence of significance 
A description of continuance
Just because it's been done before doesn't mean it can't be done again
Maybe it still has significance! 
Maybe people can't remember when
Some old
Look, Why do we doubt the omnipotence of God
It's probably our impatience of our problems not being solved
I wrote this verse with significance
Cause God was not happy with the sin that He found

40 days and 40 nights
All this came about
What is the significance of 40 you may shout
Well I
the elephant
Boy you bottom, you low there’s no difference
Take you out and get rid of the evidence
Boy I’m doubting you what’s ya significance
First things
And they got they eyes on my every move
What a coincidence
Know the significance
Of all these visions that I've seen
Some of these rappers they
see significance
I'm ghost, I'm omnipotent 
My flesh is what I'm sinning in
Mixing up the feelings with
Alcohol and weed and then
Texting all my ex's
Can you see?
Climate change as science
Significance of trend lines
The physics of a gas
The chemistry of changes
Can you see?
Climate change as art
You want significance? 
Isn't that meaningless?
Think about meaning
And how it's made
Think about humans
And what we share
Think about creation
of my song, combines significance also ambiguous
Don’t get me wrong, sometimes the influence makes ya polygamous
Hoping to channel the woes of my battles
the feel and fleeting thrill of a moments significance
Lack of inhibition desires no prevention
But when the thrill is gone
Then I know the void is no
from where we used to be
I've never felt so far away from myself

Breathe out
There's an escape in significance
Reach for the horizon

Break free from
can we knock out the simplest things first?
First things first (Don't)
Really care about your sign, but we can talk about it
I see you're significance
scratch the surface
Cuz the depth is so immense
To understand the significance
You better be prepared honest
It’s a new world order
We nothing more than
on a
polyester shirt. And you know, bowling takes on this almost
religious significance because it's so much like a religion. I
mean the ball is round, like
You are my significance, I'm insignificant
You created the heavens, You created me
As if that wasn't enough, You died

You saved me, though not by
look down the sights
I find significance in the target
look deep inside, hopelessness crashing on me
this act of desperation explodes

you should be more
prophesied at my christening
That I was given gifts
But I never knew the significance
I ask God to forgive me
I wasn't ignorant
I know I wasn't meant
my needy demand
The thrill that befalls me gives way to a muffled remorse
Until the following victory to guide my eternal recourse

Oh significance....
Those likes equal significance 
But don't amount to dividends
These demons not relinquishing
The power to me
I'm sour and weak
Eyes to the ground
in a snap 
Even though I never brought us back... move on they say
Sure taught me the significance of truth
If its to good to be true it shouldn't be
I'm still quite unsure exactly what that means
Does it mean to try to find a significance
Or just to go on with life, living it?
I'll go on with what I
was laughing at that
Y'all bout to catch the business, I'm on my old man shit
Hypnotizing motherfuckers on some Lo-Pan shit

The significance of fists
knew what I was looking for
I would've found it by now

You stress the significance of finding yourself
I'm not on the road or in the paperback books

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