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drumma boy on the track so dont hold your breathe
Im so icy but my flow will make the soldiers melt
I sewed the game up like my granny sewed a quilt
wanna be me. 

Everybody plotting on me guess I took a different route, 
Got the streets sewed up, yea dat that bih there in the drought, 
you don't
fuck with yawl niggas)
We keep it sewed up and you get no love 
(we don't winna fuck with yawl niggas)
Fuck what it is it's what it was 

come and get a nigga
I'm gonna knock 'em on they ass 'cuz my shit is bigga
I got my block sewed up, got them rocks swole up
Keep my shit on cock in
Saturday's a festival, oh now Saturday's a gem
Follow me to Beulah's on dry creek road
I got to wear the hat that my baby done sewed

Will you
keeping score
I'm always losing 

Picking at sutures that I sewed myself 
That's the last blood you'll draw babe 
Your photo's off my shelf 

I am through
as deep as the days are long

I sewed up my wrist and sewed the ground with my blood
Staind up my clothes pretty good and I turned that dirt to mud
these strets, until it's sewed up
Then I'm gone

As far as rap go, I just happen to know how to flow
I just happened to be at it from the do'
I just
Black umbrella day I wake to you
Blind sided
My eyelids have been sewed shut
I can see between these threads

Trial without
you a small favor
Deliver want we call beta
For ya'll and your neighbors
With Del on the mic, and Rob on the fader
Wait up, hold up, Hiero got it sewed
the cable caught my leg, and, boy, the damn thing bled
Foreman sewed the muscle up with tarp patch thread
Sit me by the camp, gonna have the cook clean pans
& His
When I shacked with you

Everyday a happy day being in love 
You had me sewed up 
So sewed up 
Yeah, cold 

Searched the world over 
Purple drank I'ma po' up, got the rap game sewed up
They see my grill and like hold up, invisible set, princess cuts
Purple drank I'ma po' up,
it's legal
Keep it sewed up like needle
Got it drawn out on easel
I don't give a fuck I don't need u
Keep it sewed up like stitches
And we gon switch up
My dolly has two eyes
Sewed them by myself
Dolls are dumb and girls are ugly
Shut up and go away

You shut up, you stupid boy
I will chase you
with a pencil sewed on my fucking hand 

I won't die with a pencil sewed on my fucking hand 

No competition, no greed, no compare 
To live like a slave
sewed the fabric and created the cloth baby 
(I do it my way)
I bet you're good money but whatever the cost baby 
(I do it my way)
Cause doing it like
the morning
So why won't you let me be

Now I realize
We've fallen out of touch
Can't look you in the eyes
Because you sewed mine shut
You think I'm paranoid
that I hadn't fallen in love with you

I wish I had a wooden heart and sewed in smile
Then you maybe wouldn't come around hurting all the time
I'd have
in the wine keep the nerves dead.

I was awake all through the surgery.
The people dancing, laughing, all for me.
You sewed me up but it will never
I was once a boy. 
'Til I cut my penis off
And I grew a hairy skull 
Of stubborn fire

Then I was a girl. 
'Til I sewed my hole up
And I grew
And I got this sewed up
Fory Boyz, they know us
All fast money, no slow bucks
No one can control us
Yeah, baby

Baby girl, you're so damn fine
a tailor
She sewed my new blue jeans
And my father was a gamblin' man
Way down in New Orleans

And the only thing a gambler needs
Is a suitcase in
a tailor
She sewed my new blue jeans
My father was a gamblin' man
Down in New Orleans

Now the only thing a gambler needs
Is a suitcase and trunk

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