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Cleveland Bound Dea…  


Nobody is safe from the sentence of death
No one's defending his life
Cause when the army of death will arise
The final curtain falls!

Like a little vacation
Like a little old song that I want to hear
Like a big libation
Like a flattering sentence whispered in my ear
That's what
Explorer specter rise, the dream that brought you low 

Sentence served, you're free to be 
Siddhartha, like him he lived both sides 
A brand new day,
I know that I should serve my sentence
Still, I'm hoping all the while
You'll give me

Just one more word
I said that I was glad to start out
sentence, with sentence comes death!

Through the course,frozen time,
Through your rights I see lies!

With the end your fucking ghastly stare,
bitten by frost?

I'll drop a dime on you first
Commotion sickness with Dramamine pills
Commute my sentence to the 13th floor now
I'll drop a dime
Hell a bad dream
I wanted to come here
Now I'll never leave

You've lost all control
You can't keep your mouth shut
Your sentence is silver but
The book of law's been thrown away
Starting today!
The system before the war
Is gone for now and evermore
There is no sentence higher
A trial by fire!
A play on words, or words on play
Last chapter, verse in the final act
Words well scripted, each sentence choking
Inaudible gag, blanket which
looked eyes
Witchhammer burning souls
Witchhammer malice rice

Rites without law command by high priests
Execute is the sentence by church's monarchy
the pound but open us up
There's not much to be found.
It could simply imbibe a one sentence
Of truth it's outweigh all the shit we drank up in our youth.
sentences of doubt

And did you loose it baby for ten cents philosophies
Don’t confuse me baby don’t abuse my sympathy 

You try a smile but it’s eating
the petulant satan above
Can never reverse
The sentence passed from the heaven ahead

Sudden future manifestation
IV empire brutal invitation

They look
Got a life sentence
For taking part in a brutal murder
Of his own siter
Caused by sexual drives.
Sentenced by humanity
Cursed for brutality
every sentence,
Watching from above - some kind of legalized abuse
Any given second, every sungle minute
Analyzed, categorized for any later use
voice shakes 
With this sentence

Con su mirada en tierra
Alice reclama el destierro
coming now
Why is this sentence?
You killed someone innocent

Devla, listen to the sinner's prayer!

I scream up to the sky
Listen to my prayer
My prayer
of dead ears
Sentences bear no relevance but the mortal eyes
Witness a sight too exquisite to watch
As she speaks

The Architect

Inhaling the concept
Simplification は先天性 innovation
Sentence が escalation ぶっ壊れた relationships

We all are to blame, we gonna be a mere flame


the holy sentence
'Til it transpires in your vision

Who are you?
Who are you?
Who are you?
Will you become the saint you want to be?
Spreading your
to the wind and the rain

He may, he may have a sentence to server
Turn, turn, turn again
But ninety-nine years, he just does not deserve
Turn, turn to the wind
I often wonder why I sit and wait to die
What have I done to justify the sentence they gave?
Too many hours spent in darkness questioning
lately I've spent

Every single night like its 25 to life
And this sentence I've been living is alone and unforgiven
And I'm guilty as charged cause I went

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