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We parted curtains to watch comings and goings 
The sun distended Lenses Alien 
On Lake Sedation some drugged corrupt husk 
Scrubbed up for
For most of us, sedation is wearing off
This hole we dig is just an open grave
So self-absorbed in our own lives that it eclipses the world around
Welcome to my nightmare
I think you're gonna like it
I think you're gonna feel
You belong

A nocturnal vacation
Unnecessary sedation
You want
we'll work harder, harder
Through these hard times I'll work harder, harder

Divided nation in sedation, overload of information
That we have grown up
Sedation feels so welcoming

In the subtle space, there's an endless ocean
But the devils sing and it's deafening
What a world we're living in
Oh, we're
down Not a care for your begging eyes even when sedation calls For your words and lies  Like a deer in a foreign cove Nowhere to hide nowhere to go
of innovation

To halt unrelenting doom

Impossible situation

Impossible room

We fought off sedation

The lure of dystopian ruse

They pushed our imagination
what's coming around 

The cornerstone of your comfort is sedation 
I'm paying off the guilt in a currency of cynics
In my disposition to ignore what
Born of pride and frustration
Under heavy sedation
Fought to be realistic
Everyone pessimistic
Filled with anger and regret
That's how I was
the sun.
Sedation is safe and clean. 
Buy American machines.
Abductor shopping at home; wire tap the phone.
Receive her sick and alone. 
You gotta give
no reason 
Nothing but complications
You know I need a sedation

Anything straight to my head
Coming home for no reason 
Coming home for
Tuning in their frequency I hear a spokesman for our age But can you feel sedation through clenched fists and words of rage Words and promises,
your drug he's got your medication
He gets through to you better when you're under sedation
Something from your past that he won't let relax
You wish
weeding, the roses need cutting back before winter.
Freed from sedation, released from bondage,
People would demonstrate their own strength,
himself or the state
Under sedation he won't shed no tears
Inwardly tortured by demonic fears

Can't remember my name anymore
Everything's changed
up tight you know you won't get bored 
They'll try to feed you holy water, love and TV 
You'll pay with your mind but the sedation is free 

the time slip.

And nothing can ever be the same.

You're spaced out of sensation.

Like you're under sedation.

Let's do the time-warp again.
my elbows in vein
I'm used to the pain
Scraping my elbows in vein
I'm used to the pain
Here's something to use
When sedation gives way
make me numb so I don't care
keep checking my vitals
still no sign of life in here

let the sedation take the place
of all ambition for myself
Make me numb so I don't care
Keep checking my vitals
Still no sign of life in here
Let the sedation take the place
Of all ambition for myself
bussin up to really freeze ya
I'm an abomination when ya on ya hatin'
Kinda conversation I'ma bomb ya nation
With my congregation of non-sedation
down from you it frightens me so much 
I won’t say that what i’m feeling is love as such 
But it’s hard to tell under sedation 

I won’t stay away from
The stress was stacking complications piling up 
And I kept drowning in sedation the excuses in a cup 
I tried to drink into a happy ending
Thought age
I'm cutting through the marrow
And I'm swallowing the pain
And I'm swallowing the poison
That's been coursing through my veins

Blinded by sedation

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