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My stomach filled by the deaths of living things
Motivated by greed
Called into action by lust
Flesh, money, meat, power, sedation
I greet life's feast
A little taste could hit the spot. A little taste might help a lot.  
It may be nice, it may be not. It's a sedation. Good for a sticky situation
Torturous ritual summoning
Aqueous dissection, the haunting light
Spectral movements among
Death's shadow
Binds of cerebral sedation
Whose heights loomed dream-like
Against the beckoning
Like the Western sky
We gasp in admiration
Sights of such beauty
Is it too much to learn from our history,
That celebrates victory through mass genocide?
Are we too blind to see though a nation,
Bred into sedation
Programmers make their calculations
To undermine the population
We're running too fast to stop the patients 
Looking for the next sedation
Patents pre date
Mind control, inhalation
Priming your mind for thought sedation 
Leaving no pain but a feeling of impotency
Feeding your fears of co-dependency
as road
I arrived from the Red Queen and I woke up in a mental hospital under sedation
Tearing out pieces of heart, required mutilation

I'm ruler of the kingdom of Gnome, clear affirmation 
Looking out I see where I've come, gazed
to fink the truth
At the center of this spiral sedation
Strange purity lost in real nightmares
Accepting demise with slow torture
At first I thought you were dead
But not I see you're one of the rest
They've drugged you with music and TV sedation
You're one of the blank
violent dreams, they're so revealing

It's like it's damage for damage done
A little payback for everyone
It supplies some heavy sedation
To calm this

Are you human for my
Are you normal?
Is your brain right
heavy sedation to relieve the pain in your chest"

Now I've been asleep for thousands of years
Reliving history and adjusting the ears of the rabbit
At first I thought you were dead
but now I see you're on of the rest
they drugged you with musak and TV sedation
you're one of the blank
quick, you might not even recognize my presence
Thirty second assassination sedation weapon
Step into the club, all these thugs want to shoot me
to get them some sedation

How days creep by in the greying sky
How days creep by and they definitely die
How days creep by in the greying sky
waves of hate
The princess falls to earth in dark sedation

Her blindness stunts the growth of nascent power
That grows within her like some poisonous

I'll be on occasional vacation
Pretending I never grew up
And I've never given up on anyone

Bells ring, waking
Lure of sedation always beckoning
Inhalation - vaccination
Orchestrated genocide
Sedation from the architect of pain

Killing peace in the eyes of the pure
Tearing holes in the hearts
Leave the shadows falling behind
Put your depressed sedations to rest
There?s nothing to medicate
Let the rush of the spirit find me
And you are missing something

You take a rip and then you 
Find sedation some salvation 
A masochistic only point of view 
Nothing is left to you
Prisoners of fate 
Living in a state of sedation 

'Save me - somebody reach out a hand 
'Save me - somebody reach out a hand 
Save me from eternity
Dreaming up a nightmare and another sleepless night
Restless sedation with no end in sight
Fists clenched in anger, shivering in fear
Your blood

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