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Car Seat Headrest  


Sex in my jeep baby, Back seat on my jeep baby (baby, baby)
We can freak in my jeep baby, The steel of wonders on my jeep baby
On my bumps up
real fast
So try to hold on
Try to hold on

Sleeping in my car
I will undress you
Sleeping in my car
I will caress you
Staying in the back seat
I was bought on by my mother as her carry-on
She had me in the toilet when the seat-belt sign was on
I crawled up to the captain down the other end
It's unelectrical a bad sharing one 
It's on American radio and dedicated c'mon! 
So c'mon 
Action takes a back seat to abstraction 
Works you up
seat again
You take my seat again

You take my seat again
You take my seat again

Late at the station
Feeling all wound up
Got to walk several
(I criss-crossed the ocean;
I saw the Atlantic)

Buena vista
Have a nice flight
Kick back your seat
We'll pour you a drink

Buena vista
Unimpressible on Bess St.
Unavailable and discrete
Sustainable and so neat
Getting comfy in your new seat


Unimpressible on Bess St.
Hidden in the back seat of my head
Some place I can't remember where
I found it just by coincidence
An' now I'm all hung up again
Just like
I'm having a picture 
To get me down
Demoniac fictions
Since I left this town
Parabolic addiction
And now I get the crown
Hold on to your seats
and you're not there
Walk back to my seat
I hear a sound of hope
It's you knocking at my door
Oh princess please come back to me
For all I long is to be
and a truck and a wife
And a front row seat to hear ole Johnny sing.

Yeah the TV and the truck I got on credit.
And I got that girl with a little old Woolworth
She's a very freaky gurl, don't bring her to mama
First you get her name, then you get her number
Then you get some brain in the front seat of the Hummer
bone rising from my food
And all things either good or ungood

And the mercy seat is waiting
And I think my head is burning
And in a way I'm
Lookin' real rough and mighty mean

There's a rumble in Brighton tonight
Ringside seats for the neighborhood fight
There ain't a damn thing that
As he fired up the drum machine
He stole a glance at the empty seats
He took a minute to retune his guitar
As the hour grew late

I wanna send
been turned out
One of these days I get the best seat in the house

You got a right to your opinion
You got a right to speak your piece
You got
bite it
Shotgun seat for you

An opposition to the system
Is gonna leave you
With a messy face

When I'm gunnin' down a straight way
And then I'm
The big beat keeps you rockin' in your seat
The big beat keeps you rockin' in your sleep
Clap your hands and stomp your feet
You've got to move
never see him again
Got a mortgage 'round his neck

And eight screaming kids
But his seat's always here if he wants it
row seat,

When somebody breaks your heart like you broke mine.
That's when I'll discover that revenge is sweet,
As I sit there applauding from
sleeping bags
Oh come get us some floor seats
We followed them for four weeks
Oh come get us some floor seats
To see the Lord

Come all ye hippies
I walked through the door and took a seat
Listening to words
That seem to bounce right off my chest
Like I heard it all before
Teach an old dog
Swingline throughout the backyards of the midwest
Lean back, baby, in your seat on the train
Look through the window pane

Look at that kid over
Please refrain stay in your seats
Until we reach the game

I'm stewardess of the plane
Feel the turbulence and maintain
Please refrain stay in your

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