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I don't wanna talk about it
You dirty
With your corny ass
My life sunny
One hundred
You muddy
You don't
to stop when I start to confuse you
It’s really not funny when there’s money to be made
You’ve been talking real dummy, acting scummy all day
they sound funny
Momma worried bout my life I'm making money
Kids coming from my city fucking scummy
One rack two rack red rack blue rack
Break the bank
the mitchells youre fuckin scummy
Your lifes a joke and theyre all laughin
I got the proof from the photographin
Youre stuck in a hole let down the basket
You can
be broke looking scummy 
I got to go and get money 
A different play I'm gone run it 
I turn a ten to a hundred 
I call that shit macaroni 
Des niggas
he likes the snowbunnies
My lyrics tanned you like sunny
I’m far from home Easter bunny
I’m never looking all scummy
I got the dirt call me muddy
I got
to see my level
That's 20/20
Vision on more than money 
Y'all be trippin barb never clumsy
In my mention talking hella scummy
If my shit trash then your
Like Tekashi they're calling me scummy
Burning through all of my money
Bitches they're sweet just like honey
Hop on you bitch like a bunny
She suck
Trying to get that scummy
Get locked, go cop
They ain't got that from me
But you don't really smile cause
ain't shit funny
When your pockets on E
And your
mess of eye
A reeking, scummy, unspeakable thing
Whose stink could sicken a stink-fly
A thing with goals that seem absurd
Given that it basically looks
know where the cash at
Throw shade but it don't have an impact

If you get all the racks why you acting all scummy
There's problems if my racks still bug
done with you you know?

You don't want me 
Thought I was your homie 
You were lonely 
And Now your fuckin' scummy 

Go ahead leave love 
I've made peace
see through the filters
And I aint proud I accept that I been scummy not the ending of the world my bro you just unlucky
I don't care how buff she is
you be some dummies
I can't even look you in your face you be so scummy
You been dead to me you be lookin' like a mummy
I got a smile on my face I kinda
an ugly scummy

Sadly Mommy
Turned a junkie
Now your Daddy
Has only a penny
and you never even touched me
Stomping out your face that’ll get your nose feeling stuffy
What about your lil buddy
Talking big and acting scummy
Lil bro
they break ground
Maken'ninjas bow down
Won't survive a showdow n
YOHOHO its funny
That royals owe me money
Scurvy and I'm ugly
Surly, blind,  and scummy
Wonders where I throw all my money
It makes me feel real scummy
So I fly to that place and...
Turn up the radio and
Grab Mary Jane by the hand
Girl just get out I've had enough of your scummy attitude
Always thinking you're the best
Never thinking that you're rude
But I love that shit
Call panku, cos this story is really really scummy
See I thought you were really really naughty 
LA confidential, really detrimental, all these
All these niggas tryna act like they so fucken hearty
Bitch you dummy
Nigga you so fucken scummy
And rappers tryna act like they just overtook
Divide and conquer was the game all along 
This is just a Hans Somme Christmas song 

2020 Oh just fuck it 
Come down to the Christmas Market
They selling us an idea that’s mad scummy
By telling us our worth depends better spend that money
Look I’m all for getting dressed up but
and tried to say
It was mine wanted to play me
Like a dummy that shit was really

I can't reverse
What happened HAPPENED I've let everyone
KNow I'm

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