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business nigga
Ion even give a fuck scummy way Nigga we gon get it nigga
Come round now wad up nigga have Ride foh the city nigga

Murda killin'
Shit yeen
I don’t need no items I can take you toe to toe,
Everybody swear their nice until you pull up with the smoke

Scummy like a rebel huh
Gearing up with
bitch, not a dummy
I'm all about some money, and where the fuck the liquor?
Drinking Henny till I'm scummy
Whole time, whole time, I'm flexing hard like
and she's up munchin' on god-damn bon bons and jazzing
This time she pushed me too far
That little chiseler
Boy, what I sap I was!

That scummy, crummy
in the eye
Try not to look to scummy
If you want some money
Yer you need some money

(now oh)
This ent no happy place to be
Its a mess around
scummy bummy dummy ugly motherfucker
'Cause you can't look past caps
Or the jokes I make
'Cause you hate to laugh
You're too cool for me
your weave down,
If you ain't with the boys in the V.I.P league now,
'Cause Bone get Scummy and I like rhymin,
So grab that pole, and slide like
Know I'm scummy, know I'm skinny
Them big pockets counting plenty
Ain't no money you could lend me
Bonnie, Clyde, Bobby, Whitney
From the first
keep the power strap with me

If that bitch do love me then she would die for me
OG Dash in the cut with the stroke, get scummy
And that's racks
I can't get stuck
Drink lightly, Tonight might be the night she choose me
Dank with the Uzi
When I'm all this scummy and sloppy
Don't try to stop me,
you’re fucking with my money 
Scummy little dummy
Smelling like Pooh because you’re Winnie and you’re whiny
I’ve got a big dick for your hiney

Give me
And never known to flip like a Solid Gold Cody
Known to keep it scummy like a Sunday at Jones Beach
Known to keep it bummy like a Sunday
Ratbag scummy fuckin' son of a bitch
Pissing his pants as he drinks in a ditch
Lice infested scab can't afford to shoot up
Coat full of rats
still manage to stay scummy
Run over you in the truck like a crash test dummy
My star to the bitches 'round the world, they love me
But ain't no love for
is nice and some is scummy
Hence why I got hittas mami
Come again
I’m the man
Do you finally understand
Got him on speed dial
Thats my
and jazzing. This time she
If they string me up pushed me too far.
I'll know who That little chiseler.
Brought the twine Boy, what a sap I was!

That scummy
at this shit since my nose was all runny
These niggas is scummy, they tryna become me, was always above it
Like when you throwing it up and I'm catching it
scummy for this money how you like doe
You know it's all true I'm overdue I'll leave your mind blown
Come and try take me for a meal ticket
When I back my
down, that sounded kinda scummy

I'm just tryna be a good guy don't look at me
I can listen to you're problems like astrology
I can go with the flow cause
him 'have-not'
And worse, I bet you can guess
Scummy, tramp, jack-pot
His mum's still at the crack spot
He's hungry and he's hacked off
The only goal in the game is to double that
And now a few years later i feel scummy as 
Coz' profit earned isn't worth all the bridges burnt
Chucky Chuck, Davis D
Dirty (?), twitch and Scummy

We got the top popped back
And the sun is shinning
D-Loc and Richter on the Pavment
There still be hella wars
And scummy politicians who will fuck the people over as long as their pockets thicken
Public servants? (huh) What a fucking
in the eye
Try not to look to scummy
If you want some money
Yer you need some money

(now oh)
This ent no happy place to be
Its a mess around

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