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I am the scavenger of flesh 

Scour this world of pain

I seek remains of the postmortem 

I am the scavenger of flesh

Feeding on hate

Embodied by
s'cours approchent, 
Quand l'colonel lui demanda son nom 
II répondit: On m'appelait l'Alboche

R : Devant tout l'mond' son chef le décora
En s'écriant :
I used to scour, lost my Daddy too early, made me a man without mercy, a touch from a higher help me to channel the anger, now I'm Guttasnype for life
on l'appelle "Au s'cours"
Amour toujours, amour toujours

Baby, baby, baby boom
On pète un plomb, c'est ça qu'est bon !
Baby, baby, baby boom
C'est l'occasion
le cafard se nourrit de cafards
Il est toujours trop tard, alors dans mon brouillard
Alors à bout de nerfs, c’est un appel au s’cours
Une bouteille
scour these rainy streets 
For a smile on a face or a friendly little wave 
Or any little sign of the goodness in humanity 
It makes me be who I wanna be
before a granite stone
Silently shedding a tear
'Merry Christmas, my darling', he whispers
'And a Happy New Year'

Jane scours the clothes rack for
modern man
Business spends his blood 

Oil corrupts and wells do drain dusty cities on the plain
Feel the sandstorm scour my skin
Will I ever be clean?
modern man
Business spends his blood 

Oil corrupts and wells do drain dusty cities on the plain
Feel the sandstorm scour my skin
Will I ever be clean?
well and scour the bottom

Oh, wind me in I'm drifting
I get low with the promise of lifting

Crest and trough
Get high and cough
Baby in a crib
coup d'vent dans l'cou
Si ça secoue, ça s'couvre, ça s'corse, j'cri au s'cours
Quand t'es a'ec ta tête de René Lévesque
T’évites le vent, le vélo, la
est à la fête
Je cherche en vain
Ma souris blanche

Ça peut durer des jours
J'appellerai pas les s'cours
Je veux être sauvée des eaux
Par le voisin d'en
You will walk away
Leave me paralyzed
Gone I'll lose my way
Sever legs from spine

Wash it all away
Scour thoughts from mind
Drain the veins, replace
don't move like a coward
Knowledge is power and the flower of life is (s)ours
Get as high as ours, maybe you could see the towers
Scour your dirty mind
the wire

Slowly 'round the raven flies, scours the trees
Where they hide, the beast, he threatens, "You won't survive"
She raises her fist and whispers in
Been living too fast
Got my head on full throttle
As I scream and scour
In the bottom of a bottle
Can't stand up honey
Got my tongue
Scour to find new ways of love
Denounce moralisers
Ethic without prohibition and laws
Give no credence to church
Satisfaction in the sign
the highest clouds
Scour wooded valleys, 
Roaring torrents whispering gales

Vous etes mon coure

When you first regarded me
Your eyes filled me with
Men of Fortune will always go far

No challenge is too great
No object to hard to obtain
Scour through the oldest ruins for the relics
disciple will to scour the earth for a time and time again
Now go forth - bring hell to all lost souls like Thebes
Decimate and raze the land as you choke
Unrelenting screams are deafened 
Running away from this unknown pain 
Barriers of reality 
Scour the black for answers to 
Questions unknown 

fate that came about 
Death could not leave without 
Don't try to scour your inane soul 
It would be labour lost 

Deep inside hides a lie 
pit with what I find and all I can scour

Give me a feather and I'll trade you my friend
It's just a single feather dear
It won't be the end
a dit "Bois"
Jacques a dit "Mange"
Moi j'ai grandi, mais rien ne change
Jacques a dit "Vague"
Jacques a dit "S'cours"
Mais ne connaît rien à l'amour

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