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The Scenic  


take longer but it's much more scenic
See, me and my brothers have been waiting for a while now
Giving you the time to get your wack ass style down
heart stops breaking
No real tears 'cause she don't mean it
This landscape used to be so scenic
And he could make it out if he could dream it
on the wheel 
'Cause I got both hands on you
Don't need the interstate
When I can take the scenic route

You got that sweet home Alabama
Hips just like
wolf, no Tonto, head honcho
Yuugh, let's take the scenic route
I could show you the strange fruit
It's looking like Beirut
They open the wash bay, I
a million cash
This is all I ask for, love is fair war, let's build the masses
Sittin', boat sailin', scenic routes, catch the quotes
Young, armed

Let's get down to the bottom of this
Tonight, while you are gone
Tomorrow things will look different, I know
If I make it back home

You've gone through it all barely twenty-two
You just ready for a dog and a scenic view
Got some weed in your coat, C Goose when it's cold
Take a drive
the beeper like a pimp
Smanging Lever off the strength, threw his demons off the cliff
The scenic route below, tires screaming in the mist
And like the key
it all, half was never the agreement
Who would have thought the route we'd chosen
Would ever end up this scenic?
I can relate to kids going straight
des rimes plein la tete et que j'aime la musique

J'rime et tu t'entetes avec tes p'tits airs scenics,
Alors je rime en permanence, je rime quand ca
wanna get graphic, we can go the scenic route
You couldn't make a bulimic puke
On a piece of fuckin' corn and peanut poop
Sayin' you sick, quit
Man I really hope to say

Brass: Come on baby, while we ramble
Walk beside me while we ramble
Tenor sax: You dig it too I feel you do
What a scenic
to Heaven, I'm taking the scenic.
You tied to the track of my train of thoughts.
And controlling my thoughts is like taming sharks.
And these hoes wanna kick
other females out
I tell the bitch to beat it, take the scenic route
She retaliates by tryin' to leave the house
In an evening gown with her cleavage
Of virginity.*
Scenic nightmares of brutal self-indulgence,
Nothing is sacred, especially life.
I completely share my amorality,
With the hookers and the hustlers
Match the Grant Hills up with the Fila suit
Real live nigga rap and you see it too
Tesla coupe went the scenic route

Girl, no need to hide it
the scenic route
I swear these women livin like they tryna write a book after
But I'm just really tryna keep it G for my chapter
Listen to my words, seek
Boy I ain't got time

Boy, I need a Kleenex
How I got this far? Boy, I can't believe it
That I got this car, so I took scenic
A circus- that’s what this industry makes me think about
Cause selling out's a shortcut integrity's the scenic route
But you have never seen a crew
the scenic route
Rather only have to feed three mouths
She adapts to everything know
And nobody asks what she dreams out

[Chorus: x2]

Little girl was
my world, j'suis dans l'espace
Vas-y laisse place
Les flics ils tournent en Scenic
J'évite le business et les 'tasses
N'abuse pas trop tu vas boire
out the window when it's scenic
"Atmosphere finally made a good record."
Yeah right, that shit almost sounds convincing
The last time I felt as sick
The drive was scenic, the night was dark and the lobby was white
I'm reminded, forgot to text Mack that I made it I typed that I made it
He hit me back like
slapped and carjackin 

Cap carrier, contract arrangin, twenty-thousand dollar hit 

Body, the scenic 


Bet your life nigga on two

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