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Are we regressing? Are we in love?
It's so hard to say when you're never around
You keep on saying we'll be alright
It's just a lesson we need to learn
Can't keep expressing
That beauty's just a quirk
I believe an artist is at work
Sshhh, an artist is at work
I say, look a genius at work
That'll turn your whole life around
And you'll say to yourself why didn't I think of that
Why didn't I think of that, why didn't I think of that
What did I say, what did I do
Look in the mirror, I'm black and blue
All your bitches in the done zone, all my bitches in the fun zone
Swallowin' all my unborns, say it taste like a love song
In the cut like a cutworm, keep it cool, keep the cup warm
And i tell you that i do
But don't you ask me if you're the only woman
'cause i can't say that it's through
All these diamonds in my face, I'm shining like the day
I'm living in my prime, man, what can I say?
If the service is an hour, I'm an hour late
Who needs a house when I've got all these friends?
They say, "Are you gonna give up some day?
Are you gonna grow up some day?"
Don't he know I get it in
You want smoke? Then it'll get there, pronto
Fix your attitude
Say lil' bitches keep it G with me
That's all I ask of you
That's all I ask of you
You look back at me when that ass in the air
Wigglin' slow when you dancin', it's sexy
She say she don't like when I fuck her aggressive
Comfort me, helpin' me hold it together
Then bring the light saber-ers
So bring the lampshades out
To say something lewd on the news
And move like views on a cruise
And fuse like the Q’s and the U's
Then a cold penitentary, said you gon' be gone 'bout a quarter century
Say, when they mention your name, nigga go to forgettin' shit
Leave your daughter with the papers
Fuck a hater 'til the day I die
Fuck what them bitches saying, fuck what them niggas doing
Before you were getting going, I was getting to it
I had a lotta niggas that was down with me
Or should I say a lotta niggas hang around with me?
But when I took my fall
And it gets stronger, in every way
And it gets deeper, let me say
And it gets higher, day by day
Here we go ?

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