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down in paint
I'd hang you by the mona lisa
And put that girl to shame

Or if I was a sailor
And I sailed the seven seas
I'd row across the ocean
days set clock, 
Our calm is shot 
One common shot 
We sailed waywardly on 
Singing our midnight archer's songs
Until well past dawn 
It's still
Life is very short

So Ryan went aboard

He sailed the seven seas

He liked the ocean breeze

The boat it hit a reef and now Ryan's wife's in grief
closer, in line with oceans that have not been sailed before. And maybe that's the way it's supposed to be, and maybe that's the way that I'm meant to feel.
trying to place the blame
We all change just like the seasons
Suddenly our ship had sailed
In life
We get lost and we don't know why
We see
for your footsteps
anticipating  that youre out there
Then I realize
That when You sailed away
 You left me.

You made it to the other side
I heard it
We still find a giant void
Tarnishing our minds

As we've walked many roads
And we've strolled in the streets
As we've sailed all the seas
Do we
Whoah oh! Come take a trip with me
I'll tell you of the greatest man who ever sailed the sea
Whoah oh! Fae Scotland's bonnie shores
He pillaged
plans were rusted by the tears of broken men We chose another journey after weeks we had sailed blind and astray  Fairy tales from the endless seas
lived in crafted halls And sacrificed to the gods You sailed black longships With red shields and dragon heads  Here I lie like a dead man A weak wreck
Tide is high, moon is drunk
Vessels sailed, sailors sunk
Waves of sound, sea of sharks
Catch you off your guppy guard
Glossy lips, lavish lies
fiction life tasted divine
Laughter spilled over our lips
As daylight sailed in on its glorious ship

We sang along to all our favourite songs
We danced all

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