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the water
My soul is comin' clean
I've held my breath forever
But now it's time to breathe

There's nothing like forgiveness
To resurrect a soul
Set me on fire
And watch me die
Burn me alive
Watch me resurrect
Right before your eyes

There's no reason to cry now
There's nothing to forgive
and then...
I'll say the words out loud

You could resurrect a thousand
Words to deceive me more and more
A thousand words will give the
Reasons why I don't
Resurrect the bitch and bring it back like this

Back to life, back to life
Back to life, back to life
Back to life, back to life
the darkroom scene
Darkroom scene

A letter once composed
Seven years long
And as tall as a tree
Written on the wall efficient

You know how we do

I wanna a new world without the order
I wanna resurrect and live a little shorter
I want it heavy
I want the fury
I want
And the planet is covered in dust
I will stand beneath the silver moon rising
Waiting to resurrect our love

My love is never ending
with four continents make Saddam turn protestant
Bill Clinton's advisors like look at what your big mouth got us in
Give the world surgery
barks in the distance
Rusted frames take root in the brush

You'll watch it decay
Lie through your teeth and say you'll resurrect a ghost
The paper
dark and deep
That it doesn't help to cry
How could I want a sin to protect me?
It hurts like hell but it resurrects me
Then it's time for you to go
You- you resurrect me
You- you perfect me

Our conversation's got me up all night
But I don't care if I see morning light
Sometimes I think I don't stand
Closed on a winter's day
Do you remember what you said

You resurrect memories
Of the way it used to be
As if you touched
The flame that burned it all
The motion, undying elegance 
Drifting, dreaming 
Endless legacies 

Resurrect forgotten passion 
Reignite the flame again 
Reawaken your compassion
resurrects the dead
What could I pick instead

I feel it in my blood and my fingers
It makes me want more
Than I did the day before
Then I push the last
resurrect ghandi
Resurrect but
If we put our heads together
We can do anything like
You don't have to be a billionare
You don't have to have
Much too show how
of God 
Jerusalem will resurrect 
Right to exist 
Chosen nation not forsaken 
Right to exist 
Right to exist 
You are my body
You are my blood
You are everything
That I'm made of

And then you take me (higher)
And you touch me (fire)
You resurrect my
About to die, the crowds applaud you 
About to die, they'll resurrect you 
Light a candle up in kingdom come 
Light the way for the savior's son
It begins, exhume, resurrect,
Crucify again
His flesh not yours,
His strength not yours
His death was your rebirth
Why embrace a lie,
Murder your desire by escaping time 
In the dying embers, resurrect the fire 

Every word you utter, calculated hate 
From within you're
Resurrect my termination through birth
Now that I am whole
This immaculate conception reborn

I will
Strike back
Through my
and the
Feed our minds confusion 
Sweeten the taste of pollution. 
(CHRIST-Word life; CHRIST-Resurrect; CHRIST-Everlasting

About to die - the crowds applaud you 
About to die - they'll resurrect you 
Light a candle up in kingdom come 
Light the way for the savior?s son
江戸 to 47都道府県が連動
蘇れ Made in 江戸
ここ今 今日が第一歩
この音楽 resurrect
Welcome to the TKYO
The only city in the world

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