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At risk of traitors gate he'll raise,
The seed of power now, has grown in size,
Intent to crown his bloody prize,
Ooh, resolute as a King to soar,
Source of power coming from you alone
Falling back, looking down now the seeds have been sown

Walking the left hand path
Taking it straight out
Resolute in all I learn 
Bittersweet I turn to face the ocean cold 

Ride into the fire 
Strike down through the burning borders 
Reigns held ever tighter
Resolute in all I learn 
Bittersweet I turn to face the ocean cold 

Ride into the fire 
Strike down through the burning borders 
Reigns held ever tighter
keep it to myself, I don't need help
Gon' break the cycle, gon' heal myself. Not go down that route
I'm resolute
(Uh Addicted, uh uh he's addicted uh)

Among the stones

I stand, resolute in my promises
Promises to you
I fall out into the open air
All in sacrifice

We have always been
A sight
haven't been there before
Bruised and bent. We made it
Resolute and stubborn, the scars are many but we've always made it through
Spinning. In our tracks
And left me resolute

To find a way to bring you home again
A match above a world soaked in kerosene
Falls with your guillotine

A consequence that
Into a spotlight 

Resolute for the destitute 
To make a determination 
Draw out the pretender 
Like that time some scofflaw 

Dented Ricky's fender
a 1
Get it together you know you only live once
You gotta be honest
With yourself and be cautious
Stay away from the problems
Resolute and be solid
Playing around that's solitude
Best believe that's many dudes
Who nowadays is resolute?
Who nowadays still tell the truth?
Even the honest keep playing
now resolute
Online but can't compute
Funny thing I asked the shooter not to shoot
Especially when I'm shooting, man what's the use
Like what if
As biting your lips
And absolving what I will lose
As you change a dress
I hope you think the best of me
My prince, my love
My co-star you just
generations We stand together in the birthplace of our nation

Dominion day allowed no dismay
New nation resolute
Four million joined as citizens to a hundred
sown up

Yo, it's the no hate spreadin'
Bros blastin' foes like an ornate weapon
Toe tappin' flows, more resolute than 4K
Steppin' up like stairs
on the continent Cock hungry cause I rose to Prominence 
Adamant and against all odds such Dominance 
Resolute and confident constantly Considering to conquer 
the present 
while I think of the past 
The future settles in 
I am reeling 
I am quiet 
but I am resolute 

I can be sure of one thing 
the future
A sunbeam lightens up your bed, again you burst into tears
This situation feels resolute, prevent it to become
You seek to remember those glorious
Teeth like razors blind with fury, animosity 
Resolute my vengeance shall befall, i will not cave 
In a frantic haze i stab ferocously, the nemesis
Only the great lords have airs so resolute,
With this sweetness!
Come on, think of it no more!
Dear Valentin! If God hears me,
I will see you again!
must come

Finality, resolute the final epoch
Parallax, perihelions colliding
Oblate, lenticular, a ward that will not save them
Comes the murder
follow suite?
Or will you stand your ground
And be resolute?
A little word, a little nerve
You get caught in the bell curve
Seismic shifts have known to be
found thy tomb
I was kept alive
In '92 my muse was exemplified
My evolution shall now be televised
My revolution shall be exercised
I resolute and stay
puff with snoop
You can call me a brute like I'm drax or groot
Stand on top of the throne like im thanos too
Nigga fuck what you claim I'm so resolute

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