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We all of us believe in what we do
Sure along the flannel channel man you'll see me coming through
Absolute and resolute and off we go
One line one
The writing's on the wall
Peace makes way for war
All lives are on the line when wolves
When the wolves come to dine
Standing resolute on the warpath
Leading the sheep in the wrong direction
Resolute in their rejection
See themselves in your reflection
There's a fever burning
There's a fever
Oppressing outright

Resolute axiom
Bicentennial light
We have limitless guidance from one
Who is sightless to predilection
Will I be exalted
Overlooked in
could meddle
I'd have the mettle and resolute, kin
Before you could get to the door, I'd overdose on the floor
Hoping that I could explore the other side
Mud and scandal stained her name
Age had turned her resolute
Never again would she be bruised
Relentless as the sun
Lethal as a loaded gun
the end

Be resolute
Don't give in to your temptations
They lead you astray
You're better than that
Truth will triumph over pain

Seething, stalling,
and tattered to pieces everywhere
But it escapes, a steadfast grace
Resolute and astounding the awe never breaks through their cold
Their eyes set with regret
Ghost, stuck in my head
Ghost, haunted by the dead
Stuck in a loop, where noting seems resolute
Cant hear a word, I'm starting to feel quite disturbed
stand tall
My sure-footing stops the fall
The light is waning
The trees are resolute
The sun won’t follow suit
It begins raining
Behind the clouds
goin' on the way we do business
Properly suited the chips be fallin' the quickness
Resolute keep around someone to arouse formatted for the ones that will
Your patient anxious work up like a feel I can't stand

But yet so resolute, 
So immute, or just immune from the exposure to the tune
I wish I knew
I dream, I dream for resolute 
I long to have been there all along

I wish to see the way that whales see
To feel you across oceans with my song
I'm resolute
There's no one for me to gesture to
I've blessed a few and they've been counting my sneezes
The spirits climb out, all but one wheezes
of welcomed resolute 
I climb them till I see your light I'm reaching out to you 
Cuz your love 
Is sweeter than the nectar that the hummingbird eats as food.
Time went by, and Daeron's brothers married who they wanted
Duncan met a peasant girl with flowers in her hair
He was young, but resolute
And Jaehaerys
with a Gemini

Led a high-on fast life
Tried all that I could
Rushing to the end-line in a calming resolute
Big time neighbourhood

There I met with
the wing is where they kept him
Now he turnt out, turnt up, burnered down his turn up
To pursue the attributes not in tune with what they resolute
He's gonna be staying resolute
Gotta stay open to solutions
He keeps writin', fightin' for policies that we all need
Prioritizing humans
And there is nothing
Nothing to change my mind
Opinion resolute
Steadfast for all my time
Your doctrine states
Everything that happens in life
of screams of reality meets gravity
The inflictor of such dissolved

I've taken a map this time
But it crawls resolute mute in the pocket of my suit
resolute for ya conflict
My accomplice
Are accomplished 
They don't like the tint on my skin
I ain't 'bout to coon and pretend
Yall can eat the lies I won't
Ghost, stuck in my head
Ghost, haunted by the dead
Stuck in a loop, where noting seems resolute
Cant hear a word, I’m starting to feel quite disturbed
anyone else
But me
So I try to take apart my head from time to time
And I'm not resolute so when I
Need help well I would ask you
And I would try to be

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