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Your patient anxious work up like a feel I can't stand

But yet so resolute, 
So immute, or just immune from the exposure to the tune
I wish I knew
of welcomed resolute 
I climb them till I see your light I'm reaching out to you 
Cuz your love 
Is sweeter than the nectar that the hummingbird eats as food.
Time went by, and Daeron's brothers married who they wanted
Duncan met a peasant girl with flowers in her hair
He was young, but resolute
And Jaehaerys
with a Gemini

Led a high-on fast life
Tried all that I could
Rushing to the end-line in a calming resolute
Big time neighbourhood

There I met with
resolute for ya conflict
My accomplice
Are accomplished 
They don't like the tint on my skin
I ain't 'bout to coon and pretend
Yall can eat the lies I won't
Resolute in all I learn 
Bittersweet I turn to face the ocean cold 

Ride into the fire 
Strike down through the burning borders 
Reigns held ever tighter
And left me resolute

To find a way to bring you home again
A match above a world soaked in kerosene
Falls with your guillotine

A consequence that
Into a spotlight 

Resolute for the destitute 
To make a determination 
Draw out the pretender 
Like that time some scofflaw 

Dented Ricky's fender
could hold hands and I’d tell you that you’re beautiful 
I think it’s fate,
I think it’s resolute.
I can see you you in a dress, I can see me in a suit.
sweet baby girl
In my choice, my firm choice, I now in this madness decline 
All the while my heart longs and am resolute for my eye’s pearl
To spend my
Source of power coming from you alone
Falling back, looking down now the seeds have been sown

Walking the left hand path
Taking it straight out
Resolute in all I learn 
Bittersweet I turn to face the ocean cold 

Ride into the fire 
Strike down through the burning borders 
Reigns held ever tighter
keep it to myself, I don't need help
Gon' break the cycle, gon' heal myself. Not go down that route
I'm resolute
(Uh Addicted, uh uh he's addicted uh)

Among the stones

I stand, resolute in my promises
Promises to you
I fall out into the open air
All in sacrifice

We have always been
A sight
haven't been there before
Bruised and bent. We made it
Resolute and stubborn, the scars are many but we've always made it through
Spinning. In our tracks
get a room for two
Can I Sinatra and fly you to the moon
Get lost in space like the Resolute crew
Yeah, is what I would say before you get out
be resolute
Classmates turn to inmate 
They play you like the flute 
They ain't the key 
So I hope you're quick to  see 
That this ain't no fantasy
that I could never know!

Now I know that I'll never be completely free
It's the nature of this chemical I bear
But, resolute I stand up against what
on which all sense of self is afloat
The vortex-acceleration a constant. Resolute in purpose its choking flow
the end

Be resolute
Don't give in to your temptations
They lead you astray
You're better than that
Truth will triumph over pain

Seething, stalling,
and tattered to pieces everywhere
But it escapes, a steadfast grace
Resolute and astounding the awe never breaks through their cold
Their eyes set with regret
Ghost, stuck in my head
Ghost, haunted by the dead
Stuck in a loop, where noting seems resolute
Cant hear a word, I'm starting to feel quite disturbed
I dream, I dream for resolute 
I long to have been there all along

I wish to see the way that whales see
To feel you across oceans with my song
I'm resolute
There's no one for me to gesture to
I've blessed a few and they've been counting my sneezes
The spirits climb out, all but one wheezes

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