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them, but never feeling resolute
And I have to know that youthfulness is not something that I'll ever lose
It comes with being uncertain and turning Grey
materials are shiny and bloody and black
Bone razors separate fools from their resolute fact
Your chimeric effigies - they won't turn me back

Won't turn me
resolute ambition
To set my own enactments
To live by and to die
They’ll remember me, I jog they
Memories, they won’t
Remember you, but they gon’
Remember me, and it’s resolute, I paint a picture, portrait, perfect
as before the fruit
There was truth
I carry the pen and the sword
No dispute, they shoot to keep the proof
Me, I write to revolt, I'm resolute
I lead my
get a room for two
Can I Sinatra and fly you to the moon
Get lost in space like the Resolute crew
Yeah, is what I would say before you get out
be resolute
Classmates turn to inmate 
They play you like the flute 
They ain't the key 
So I hope you're quick to  see 
That this ain't no fantasy
that I could never know!

Now I know that I'll never be completely free
It's the nature of this chemical I bear
But, resolute I stand up against what
Source of power coming from you alone
Falling back, looking down now the seeds have been sown

Walking the left hand path
Taking it straight out
Resolute in all I learn 
Bittersweet I turn to face the ocean cold 

Ride into the fire 
Strike down through the burning borders 
Reigns held ever tighter
Resolute in all I learn 
Bittersweet I turn to face the ocean cold 

Ride into the fire 
Strike down through the burning borders 
Reigns held ever tighter
Among the stones

I stand, resolute in my promises
Promises to you
I fall out into the open air
All in sacrifice

We have always been
A sight
must come

Finality, resolute the final epoch
Parallax, perihelions colliding
Oblate, lenticular, a ward that will not save them
Comes the murder
follow suite?
Or will you stand your ground
And be resolute?
A little word, a little nerve
You get caught in the bell curve
Seismic shifts have known to be
puff with snoop
You can call me a brute like I'm drax or groot
Stand on top of the throne like im thanos too
Nigga fuck what you claim I'm so resolute
Complete and without contradiction
A pure and resolute conviction
From One with holy jurisdiction
To save His children from affliction
To break
You are the mountain far away 
Resolute and unmoving
As everything blurs past my window
You stay in focus

Close me deep inside your core
Keep me
Once more round the sun we go
Arms outstretched, holding heavens fast
Enduring, resolute - it 
Goes on but how long will it last?

That's alright,
I wander
Along the ragged cliff
Into a cave I stumble
With heavy leaden limbs
A fool, I rue my weakness
So resolute I stand
To face uncertain futures
of the unknown

So let us look chance in the eye
Be resolute in knowing
You can love every single seed and lose your garden to the seasons
We are nothing if not
I love you
Committed resolute to fail to
Your sweet voice
Carries with the breeze

It doesn't concern me
When you've still so much left to see
of you
It's ugly to stand resolute
For uncompromising youth

I set out to hunt down human nature
I finally get it, I'll die before I'm finished
I set out
Ran as if both were as one
Across the steppes over hills and fields
His troops move
One by one, every man knew
His resolute shout
His shout of king, for
Teeth like razors blind with fury, animosity 
Resolute my vengeance shall befall, i will not cave 
In a frantic haze i stab ferocously, the nemesis

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