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We'll bring the dog, 


Be resolute, be forthright, be indicative of all that's 
black and futuristic sea creatures that 
nibble at your toe.
this place I see a hundred others just like me: 
big and bold, and firm foundation, resolute and free. 
Why do I fear a challenge? 
Why do I fear age?
But my feet are resolute;
Found their root and brought me back to its place

And on the hill where I was born,
There is no rose but just a thorn;
undressed me
And took my body
I was resolute to be fine

Now the soldiers are all on fire
And our hearts, are dead from desire

And when you say it has
we get out of here?

Now I am tired but resolute
That I'd rather be
Striving than settled
Oh, I'd rather be
Moving than static
Oh, I'd rather be
the only way that I can say it
Put it in a style
Put it up on display
This is real love
Never a burden
'Cause I'm strong-minded
Resolute and I'm
My heart shall not be moved
My faith not overwhelmed
Troubles they will come
But even in the storm
My eyes are fixed on you
My soul is resolute
the resolute urgency of now

And if you believe there's not a chance

Tonight, tonight, tonight

So bright

Tonight, tonight

We'll crucify the insincere tonight
This time, make no mistake 
Resolute and crystal clear 
This time I'm ready for you 
Complete and without fear 
Sweet believer 
You must be
Resolute a stance of defiance
Always teetering on the bring
Nothing can hold you back when
When you're not holding back a thing
Open arms (we)
Resolute, a stance of defiance
Always teetering on the brink
Nothing can hold you back when
When you're not holding back a thing

Open arms, we
on which all sense of self  is afloat
The vortex-acceleration a constant. Resolute in purpose its choking flow
the wing is where they kept him
Now he turnt out, turnt up, burnered down his turn up
To pursue the attributes not in tune with what they resolute
He's gonna be staying resolute
Gotta stay open to solutions
He keeps writin', fightin' for policies that we all need
Prioritizing humans
And there is nothing
Nothing to change my mind
Opinion resolute
Steadfast for all my time
Your doctrine states
Everything that happens in life
of screams of reality meets gravity
The inflictor of such dissolved

I've taken a map this time
But it crawls resolute mute in the pocket of my suit
Ghost, stuck in my head
Ghost, haunted by the dead
Stuck in a loop, where noting seems resolute
Cant hear a word, I’m starting to feel quite disturbed
makes a man out of me
A resolute complexion, a cruel disease
A plastic fascination with falling trees
As biting your lips
And absolving what I will lose
As you change a dress
I hope you think the best of me
My prince, my love
My co-star you just
generations We stand together in the birthplace of our nation

Dominion day allowed no dismay
New nation resolute
Four million joined as citizens to a hundred
on the continent Cock hungry cause I rose to Prominence 
Adamant and against all odds such Dominance 
Resolute and confident constantly Considering to conquer 

Living still life: Empty, resolute
Catch yourself in the pitfall
Breathing statue, this is easy
You waste your life

Yesterday I walked alone in
must come

Finality, resolute the final epoch
Parallax, perihelions colliding
Oblate, lenticular, a ward that will not save them
Comes the murder
follow suite?
Or will you stand your ground
And be resolute?
A little word, a little nerve
You get caught in the bell curve
Seismic shifts have known to be

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