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We back, we mack, stay blunted
Knee pads, yo hoes they wanted
Penthouse two o'clock eleven hundred
It ain't no fun if I can't reroute your hoes in this
Niggas ain't ready, I doubt all y'all
Fly ass niggas I reroute all y'all
If it ain't for the paper I don't show my face up
Make a bet I turn the ace up,
Maybe somewhere in the depths of your couch
Oh! Jackpot! Yea, 'open sesame' mouth
Down the hatchet, the feelin' you can't match it
I rap-tap-tap
stay turning these bitches out
Dick em down also dick em out
Throw something down whenever my dick's out
They know me so they restructure and reroute
whenever my out
They know me so they restructure and reroute
They know me from Washington to down South
All the way to London to my common house
Right, it's
and reroute
They know me from Washington to down south
All the way to London to my nigga Common house
Right, it's like a game we never play out, out, out,
to shout to
Now that I'm lonely, I don't get no fun like Laos food
And I'm such a meanie, wanna come and see me? Reroute dudes
I'm chillin' in hell in hot
arm candy, but I'm better without it
It's a dub, my love, but I gotta reroute it
It's a lottery, it's loaded, hope I can see all the motives
Night And Day
Tech N9ne, Baby

[Tech N9ne]
Other rap is out commission
To the mouth they 'bout to listen
Do it up Reroute conditions make you
you know my plays, re-route 'em, Cam Newton
Factory Patek, blood, sweat, tears, yes
Buy your mom a house, then we could talk then
I got four payroll,
big you don't see me, you just reading about it
If you coming at the Gang then you need to reroute it
Wanna know how I maintain, well the secrets they
really wheelin'
Had gravel flyin' and rubber squeelin'
An' I didn't slow down 'til I was almost to Arkansas

I think I'm gonna re-route my trip
plan to fuck around then reroute that
You'll never catch me ridin' around on these streets
Without a couple metal pieces under my feet
Fully automatic
If yuh diss K-Licious crew yuh gonna get yuhself slewed
Tell all yuh friend dem reroute
Cuh wi nuh give a hoot yuh got a face a weh wi shoot
throwin' down on the grounds that I'm average
Can I hear for a gangster? (yeah nigga)
It's always some shit but it's always a clip
To re-route your doubts
another nigga take my tracks and re re-route it
I truck more styles, like my Yukon I puke on
The rest of these niggaz, trying to contest

Hold up, who's
fun if I can't reroute your hoes in this direction
Swerve in the intersection, I'm done she restin
No question, done session
Home wreckin, Doc
speed out
I ain't turning these beats down
GPS and I reroute
Chuck the deuce and I peace out
Sunroof tinted, don't need your opinions
I be on my
doubt, I'm thinkin that y'all better re-route 
Cause I'ma walk these dogs till Mike Vick get out 

[Hook: Skillz] 
I'm thinkin I could take over the game,
A lot of talent a chemical imbalance and MDMA (MDMA)
I can't reroute it so people they hear bout it and ten to turn away (tend to turn away)
my block, need to reroute
Tryna say all that shit that you talk 'bout
Know it's cap in your rap, you ain't gotta lie
In LA with Zack B, yeah, a nice
to the unemployment office, hell yeah its crowded, 
Our hoods takin' wrong turns now its time to reroute it, 
I know a lil' dude 13, 
Carry a burner dropped out
wrong turns, now it's time to reroute it

I know a lil' dude, 13, carry a burner dropped out of school
Teacher said he wasn't a fast learner
Sometimes I
the middle of the trip, I couldn't reroute it
Steep falls into big crowds, I'ma leave proudly

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