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suffocating I was it seemed
When from a rack this last hope beamed

of all my requirements I pursued the trail
To find furthermore the damn thing was on sale
Cheating life out of its requirements
Psychics predict that I'll be dying rich
Until then catch me chilling, flying in a giant six
On some next
the way that you would yourself be served, the sole requirement is a good heart, a good heart, a good heart)
you from being too
Too tired

Rootin bootin sure fired
Golden energy meets all requirements
Posts no bills
Poots no guff
Needs no prescriptions
under the bus, thats where you'll find them
casualties of yr requirements
and you always act surprised

you've turned on yourself inside out up side down
shit, lumberjacks and Tommy's
Niggaz passing out bombs like Culpepper, so I pass behind 'em
My black glove, black mask, requirements
Sent the order
glove, black mask, requirements
Sent the order to Trife Dies', and he gon' send 'em fast, they flying in
These cowards couldn't clash our lion's den
glove, black mask, requirements
Sent the order to Trife Dies', and he gon' send 'em fast, they flying in
These cowards couldn't clash our lion's den
Where doin' crime the requirement
They send us off to prison for retirement
Hopefully Alice Johnson will inspire men

Lord shine your light
tell him anything
Loves me without requirements
Cant see Him but it's evident
He's something like the best of them
Said He's nothing like the rest
the requirements for a crumb
Y'all pussy niggas homo y'all ain't got no hoes
These bitches tired of fucking 'round with hobos
Extendo on the Glock that bitch long
requirement, its my environment
I won't harp on it like a violin
Analog back in the house like a santafar
Posted up like a fan on the block
Hand to god, Word is
and panic attacks
Had me faded to the wire, putting out my fire
Use to have requirements that turned into desires
Expected to retire me while keeping you
day ain't nothing but rest to me
I got ladies hitting me cause they just want to chill
Perfect requirements in a safe environment
Like what's that
seem to meet financial aid requirements
Locked writin' rhymes in the crib when would I get out?
Seems like I'm pushin' yo a hip-hop bid
At home
of my environment
To be the hardest thing ever is part of my requirement

But bitch niggas, Get a watch and chain a couple thousand to claim and still be
shits false advertisement
Everybody rapping nowadays 
But what happened to the requirements
Just leave it up to me to retire them
Do the job then
all living ends
My attendance in oblivion is a requirement

My out-of-whack elemental particles will reach that supernova
And then the info I left
a requirement (it's Philthy)
Gotta bust your moves in your shotta shoes (gotta)
If you hanging with that nigga, you gon' die with dude (suckers)
Nigga, where
But science got some requirements
And I be doing the same things over expecting different results
Madness and genius, Alva Edison kinda' nuts,

that's the nightmares call

I warned you for last time 
you did non meet again
the requirements
for the judgement day

Now blinded Im sailing
Honouring your relevance is always a requirement
It's not about the hair it's on the livity you operate you see
Man will give you temporarily but Jah gives
the environment
Until I'm checking out all the visa requirements

Keep your hands on my eyes
'Cause if this plane goes down
It's a long way to the ground
Fill my

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