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The Break and Repai…  


save you from yourself
I'll save you from yourself
I'll save you from yourself

Try to numb the pain
With alcohol and pills
But it won't repair your
can't be undone

And I have this cross to bear
Can't pretend it isn't there

Trust, once broken, so difficult to repair
Trust me, though
To try and make
me, a mind beyond repair
I will make you fear me, I slay your hopes and dreams
You're lost forever in this world of mine
I devastate your life
the modern way of living with the truth

I gotta move on
To find
What's left
Where is my god 
Who cares
I'm beyond
You're repair
I can't stop
This Is Not Fair, I Am Beyond Repair
'Cause Of You
You, You
Can't Find My Head, So I've Fallen Instead
Over You
You, You
Blood On My Sleeve,I
of lesser men
Oh what of our daughter
Oh what of the love that we once shared?
It's living inside us
Battered but not beyond repair

Our fate decreed,
we need them.

It can't repair the lonely thoughts,
I can't return to live my life.
We will recount the words that brought down south together,
Tell the man who repairs the wings for angels
That one has fallen among the mortals on Bleeker Street
I lent a hand, she looked up at the steeples
depart from the bloody heart
Repair the wear and tear, don't stop 'fore it starts
Won't be gone for long, listen to the song
If you can't pull it, all
at repairs
And I'm under each snare
Bet you didn't think so I command you to
Panoramic view
Look, I'll make it all manageable
Pick and choose
'Till it's fixed I'm using the stairs
I hope they hurry up before it's too late
Because I don't want my baby too much to wait
All this climbin'
Welcome child you fell down my stairs
Don't try to move
You need some repairs
I sense in you a question
Then it's time for introductions
HAH ah hah AH HAH 

Ah hahahaha hah ha 

Yo yo  I'm usually flyin through the motherfuckin air 

but the utility belt on my underwear need repairs
You're fine china
I'm a bull and ball in a china shop
I promise to repair with gold each bowl I drop
Be grateful for whatever comes
One single moment and changed beyond repair
Hard to remember the way I lived outside
Stronger than friction, the balanced will until our worlds
me, me, me
I was thinking about me, me, me, me, me
You were defenseless
And I was reckless with your heart

Did she have to repair you
To get you
The excessive and elitists don't repair it when they leave it
The forest's were cleared, the factories were built
And our mistakes will be repeated 
by your
a millionaire
Wrecked my yellow Lamb, high on drugs I didn't give a care
Smash my black Ferrari two years later now it need repair
Demons in my ear, got me
On the third day of October, boys, I did set sail from there.
To the garrison at Amherstburg I quickly would repair
With Captain Maxwell and his wife and kids
think I might repair it, just as I'm thinkin about repairin' it
Some little friends come along with some two-string, one string
No string guitars (Hey

And when we came to the spanish shore
Our good little ship for to repair
The people there were amazed to see
Our dismal case and such misery
too late
To repair the damage
The way it should be, so easy to see

That I am here for you (here for you) 
You are here for me (you're here for me)

Now the Chelsea Drug Store needs a fix,
It's in a state of ill repair.
And my Cuban heels are hurting my feet,
Just to add to my despair.
too late
To repair the damage
The way it should be, so easy to see

That I am here for you (here for you) 
You are here for me (you're here for me)

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