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speaks Mandarin, (yeah) foreign language (yeah)
Smoking cabbage, everybody's here living lavish
Rented Benzo, 4matic yeah (4matic yeah)
Money tall like
Shea Stadium
It ain't Shea Stadium, but these days
It ain't rented and it auto-park
And she got back like a photobomb
Throw that ass back, no
dough plenty
Yeah, tell a hoe, expensive (don't touch)
That ting ain't yours, that watch ain't yours, that whip is rented
Tell 'em we got Audi's, we
on trainers
And I still spill drink when I'm faded
And I still think your pussy is amazing
I just spent a hundred thou on Ranges
They think that it's rented
on the sleeve
Never rented, I just invented a new position
Wonder if I'll ever have any as competition
Killer, the leader in different arenas
Hidden power,

Reclined inside a rented car positioned right in front of your house
Watching as your uncle takes liberties undoing your blouse
generously decline - like a hotel with a shoe shop sign, it's the universe confused, becoming the form it describes. I rented my room above hell just to get
pay for a sleigh then you wreck it
You wouldn't look twice at the places we rented

We stay with the bros like Wayans
Everything we overcame
Flew back
Ain't getting any younger
I'm in a rented flat
My hair's all fallen out
And my credit's bad
Ain't no flashy dresser
Ain't got no PHD
Ain't got blue
Running from the fame
In a rented Beemer, 140 in the rain
I remember I was hoping for a change
Funny how I really don't want it, once it came
I'm discontented with homes that are rented so I have invented my own
Darling this place is a lover's oasis where life's weary chase is unknown
I'm discontented with homes that are rented so I have invented my own.
Darling this place is a lover's oasis where life's weary chase is unknown.
no bars, no flow like a lake do (shit)
Rented cars and the Rollie lookin' fake too
Let's go back to the bully thing listen here
Was it back in
Straight fronting, like rented ass drop-tops
Or not answering collect when your mans get knocked
Peace to *beep* I know you locked in your box
it back and roll
Only lines I stay in dot the road

Living out of my left pocket
Out-of-state plates
Gotta take my notches with me
Rented room,
Real money what this all about, all out
Going in on the job call out - never
Call my agent for the tour route
Van is rented, band is in it, love
Valet at Lenox
And you know it ain't rented
Cause you know that I spend it
I'm bout my business
You know I got plenty
You the only thing
and motherfucker this ain't good
Crack heads selling dope to dope heads
On blocks that's rented by house niggaz

That's all getting rich off of the bloodshed
the commence'll get fired
Just my team in a tinted rented NY
y'all heard Jada, it's a message in a bullet, Good-bye
Should have been spitting shells instead
dough I choose not to spend it
Catch me in Avis and Budget in somethin' rented
Long as the windows tented (I don't give a fuck)
I'm in it 
I was
rented one of your favorite movies,
And bought one of your favorite video games.
It?s terribly depressing company.
It just feels so good to pretend your
Bittersweet when you in it deep, gassed up a rented V
Travelin' with a key while I'm passin' through Tennessee
Told baby girl I'd be back, she said be careful

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