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Sound booth, rented Lambo, you can say that
Took my money, built a studio, and took the Range back
H-Town to Atlanta, country 'bama, MC Hammer
Boy, we
From the window of your rented limousine, I saw your pretty blue eyes
 One day soon you're gonna reach sixteen, Painted lady in the city of lies.
it's rented
Hit 'em in the face, 'fore you turn state
Gotta beat the case, we gon' fuck your bae
We gon' beat her face
Walked out of Wells Fargo
I was missing the guys (I was missing the guys)
In my rented apartment
You would think I'd have realized
But I didn't for quite some time
get it
He ain't catch a hint when you gave him back his rented
Now his lil' condo one less tenant
And I did it, but you know what?

Let it play
Let it play

Life's just rented space getting laid to waste
When the lines on my face say I'm growing older
Just a stitch in time gonna
children, ayy
That a stolo or a loaner or is it rented?
In a white Audi, call it mayo when I whip it, ayy

Used to two cup, then I roll up, bust a blunt,
wouldn't leave home
You rented a car, and now you're halfway to Idaho
You thought you were smart
Thought I'd leave you alone
But you have no idea what
I want to see if you know me
I was born in a rented room
My mother didn't get no flowers
Dad didn't approve of me, do you?

I'm alive with
and fucking they hoes
Eventually I moved out, rented a house
I'm stretching the dope, cuttin' seventeen from an ounce
We cop ya pots fulla spray, I'm moving
you trappin'
I hope you dressin' yourself and not followin' niggas opinions on fashion
I hope them cars that you drivin' ain't rented just to get some
All black tint, you ain't seen this before
None of my shit rented, you ain't seen this before
Tell me g what you spent
Nigga I spent some more
studied every book

I've rented videos, hoping for assistance
I watch your every look
But it's so hard to love you from a distance
Help me out!

I don't
I'm dufflin', yeah, I'm gettin' to them Benji's

Mind yo motherfuckin' business
Windows tinted, I think this my car
I think this shit rented
like Ali, hold up
You ain't never seen a nigga, spendin'
Come through like Obama, bitch I'm tinted
Everything you niggas got, you rented
Rappin' all
somewhere to spend it
I just press a button and the top go missing
I kept the slip so you know it's not rented, yeah, oh, oh
What you wanna do?
of no way
Swear I know everything's gonna be okay
Gonna be okay

Your sister owned the house we lived in
On the east side that you rented
Little two
he met his Irish bride
And they rented a flat on the lower east side of Rome...
Italy that is
Music publishers, book binders, Bible belters, Money
place, even though it was only a rented place, but I did find myself looking over my shoulder a lot. And every sound that drifted in seemed to be a version
I knew that I had drunk too much 
I had passed my drink degree 
I climbed into my rented car 
I was happy as could be 

Then I pulled out
of angles
Rented cage is flat of angles
Right down to it's gables

And first he started on the floorboards
One-hundred-twenty degrees from window
Momma's tears fell so easy 
Daddy's handshake was strong
Then I climbed aboard that Greyhound 
Eighteen and glad to be gone
Took a rented room
Breathe thrift take speed double take weekends
Skull row drugs hall colour bars sex calls
Sparkle finds rented rings pretty things clipped wings
their time is gone 
They rage on 
On the same dark night two more people meet 
In a rented room on a cross town street 
And she's lost her youth

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