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of crepuscular depths
Traversed, but by souls cursed, hellbound and unwept

By blood offering and commune with the render of veils
Revealed was the dire path
renders you useless

Wherever you stand
Stand up tall
Release us all

Freedom does not come easy
Will we end it all or figure it out

It's a crazy
We're planting a bomb
I think we'll build a tower
Inside of his head
That topples every hour
Renders him dead
We'll put him in a blender
See how he
Enemies with love and without fortune 
Render me while we're still immune to them 
When those months have gone by shortly friend 
I know, I know
espírito, meu Deus \n \n Quero me entregar \n Me render ao Teu olhar \n Não há como resistir ao Teu amor \n Eu vou celebrar a grandeza do Teu reino \n \n
Can hold the way to your promise land
And my soul, mind
And body will render the crime

So why you gotta be so cruel?
You used me like a tool
It will
mortals! The Great Sign!
Since men will render wild beings
And will blaspheme to those who destroyed them forever!!!

At the beginning of time, in HAOSTOSH
light your fires, we will cleanse.

?Render yourself within the darkest sky,
So you can be the brightest light?.

I walked along this never ending road,
se render
Rodeado de estrelas
Bebo sem te esquecer

Sou um curandeiro louco
Sou o cuidador do fogo
Sou alguém que pede pra você me acender
heel, had to cruise on back home,
But there's booze in the blender,
And soon it will render,
That frozen concoction that helps me hang on.

try to keep your senses
And hang on to your pride
But she'll render you defenseless
When she turns on that southern side
We'll I've seen the sunset
The battlefield is yours to win

Remember how, remember when we wore
The coat of arms that made us heroes of the day
Just render the memories again, my friend
NÃO HÁ UM NOME (NO OTHER NAME) \n \n Não há um outro nome igual \n Maior que a terra, céu e mar \n Sua glória todos hão de ver \n E, a Ele se render
"fumare fa male è sbagliato"
Tu che mi reggevi quando ero ubriaco
Lei che dice "vorrei render fiero mio padre"
Tu invece piangevi per averlo incontrato
the wake of mistakes and see the cosmos exploding
Deserve it
In the land of the sages we render the verdict

I am alive inside of your truth
I am your proof
Render you unstoppable
Take the red lights from which we arose
Let 'em slide into your nervous system
Broil down, melting into bone marrow
Let it
Everyday they commit crimes of dishonesty.
Make no mistake we will set it straight.
Medication diagnosed but not defined, their antidotes render us
and we'll wonder, "What just happened?!" 
When the world becomes Manhattan where the banks 
Steal the apartments just to render them abandoned

We're not
Quero não dizer desfaça
Quando é pra ser
Vem me entardecer
Se render pra mim

Caso queria o seu toque espalhar
Quero te notar
Te enlouquecer
face and shit

My name is Michael Render
And we are the new Avengers
We're here to tell you all your false idols are just pretenders
describe the climb 
And know we doin' what we doin' just to fuck up your mind 
Better retreat why you can or render in my axes
Or we'll come with open
of the first part, that's you, agrees to render up her soul now and forever more 
to the party of the second part, that's me
Shall we go?
If you're feeling sad and lonely
There's a service I can render
Tell the one who loves you only
I can be so warm and tender

Call me, don't be
render unto me, baby
M is for that which is mine
A is for any old how, darling
N is for any old time

I'll be your loverman! I got a masterplan

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