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life to the limit
The tide has turned with endless days of pain
But the wish remained to survive

But the force of destiny has changed
All dead
torture and pain for those who remained strong

Runnin' in circles and almost blind
But not the only one of its kind

Slaves on the run
Even heaven
And the monsters prowl
Behind every window and door in my dismal mind
It's the darkest hour
Emotional self-slaughter

Of what's remained
Faith torn asunder
out loud  Question marks are falling down Crushing underneath our memories As we stand and look around The world that remained  On the walls we paint
""Once In the darkness Of bad memories You stepped into a trap But the spring-loaded bar Didn't break your neck And you remained there  Waiting for
late, into a world that doesn't care
Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair

When popstars still remained a myth, and ignorance could
There used to be a graying tower alone on the sea
You became the light on the dark side of me
Love remained a drug that's the high and not the pill
I turned my good side in

As she started to change, I remained the same
I played the game
Not too much, just a stain
I don't mind the wait

I was lying awake, the moon lit up my room
Behind the curtains the shade of our willow
Remained sadly blank. No wind and no breeze

Refresh my
But the chains remained attached 
To the places I recall 
Had always been there 

You can't even say my name 
I'll try not to cry for long
remained the same grounded from the start,
You're coming back with a blast!
2003 we're gonna blow the spot

[Bridge, Chorus]
I think you will find
hate, sent to feed, demon horns
The omen's been shown

No cure was found and the question remained what would cause this insistent aggression
three, four, she could cut no more
Fed the meat and bones to wild dogs upon the moor

The years went on, Helena remained there 'til she died
The men went
Streets away
Shots around you
Violent games
This inferno
You've seen the waste
You've seen the ones who have remained
They've lost their way
The sun soared
Into dark-moist green
Aflamed my mind
A thought was born      

Under the misty roof of dreams
The others remained like accursed
Death, hard to ignore
One million lost five months into the war

Pain, fell one by one
Three years remained, it had only begun

remained the same

The same
His words remained inside my mind - so cruel, beloved and feared
That For You Too 

Moment I met you my whole life changed
Static was lifted, real life was all that remained
I never realized what I really need
that climbs towards the night
We are the transparent serpent unraveling in sacrifice
We are the conjured the flesh of reality
We have remained hidden
In consciousness remained, the universe's final call
At the edge of time, a convergent entity
Erased in blackness, obtained eternal path
In our
could use as down payments
Sweaters I sprayed with my favourite fragrance
On the nights where I lived and remained in Vegas
It is what it is
the ones) who've laid
Across our narrow path?
(When we lay down) have they remained
In every shallow breath?
And do you use them to get there?
And close
The fast cars, the women, designer things
The big houses, fast talk, personal things
It's all the shit I got and remained the same (woii)

No bad vibes

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