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think you'll ever realize just how much you've touched my life. everything i thought i knew redefined in the light of you. though the white it burns my
in decline 
Separation bodytime 
Nature redefined

We have designed 
Our fascinations 
We move to hide 
From animals inside 
We have designed
So what we did
We redefined
The perfect function
To realize
Some kind of potential

And underneath
Her paper dress
She knows we're different
will change
Even mountains over time
must get redefined
I know, I know life's worth living
I Keep on, I keep on giving
I'm giving it all I got
Giving it
and always redefined.
I always had a reason but you've become my reason now.
I still walk alone.
I see my way I've got to keep going make my presence known
I don't need advice, my days redefined
Like you're the morning clue, right now you need the ice (haha)

Spotlight gleam (spotlight gleam)
it's time to put the past behind
And simply draw a line
That won't be crossed or redefined
And we will be if we listen to the trees
So get up off
Seven months led the breaking, breaking only rules that apply
In this prison labeled, unable to abort
A reputation redefined tonight in the darkest hour
to light
Clear and redefined

Too long
Too long I waste for these
Emotionally sucking life
Too long
Too long, you waste and right
It's time for you
The whole damn thing will turn and return
Redefined, rearranged, rearranged
And till my dying the day
I guess I'll have to burn just to learn
of these niggaz is flossing
The other seventy's thugging, emulating whatever they're watching
Caution, lost one, ain't you see the sign? Music's redefined

We are the people
We are the time bomb picket line
Revolution, A revolution forged and redefined
With our minds with our hearts not shackled
to imprison me
The view from up is not enough
I dwell below to find the god that I rebuff
Redesigned, redefined what it meant to be divine
your kiss forever on my lips

Just when I thought I knew everything
Just when I thought I had it all goin' on

All brand new and redefined
who I was, You won't recognize me
Love came sown and redefined me
And piece by piece put me back together differently 

And the perfect plan to try
look at tomorrow
Who will I be
What will I find
Seems I'm drowning in sorrow
Everything changes
My life's redefined

When I look at tomorrow
Every day, clouding up my mind
Every day, my world is redefined
In a way it's better pushed aside
You're astray and you left me behind

is on my mind

Life redefined, cyclical days of
Waking, working, regretting
Hear that void? 
Hear that void? 

It's me
It's me
don't go

Thought I made the rules until you redefined the game
Tryna keep it cool but, damn, you're fire like a flame
Every move I make, you match
baby intelligent elegant
Like a flower she's delicate lord has blessed yo development
In love I done fell again Beautiful has been redefined
Yo eyes

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