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problems are redefined
The doorbells do not ring
A lightbulb bursts like a blister
The only form of heat
Here a fellow sells his sister
Down the river
Oppression's now a distant memory
Communism yields to the might the
People wield
For a democratic form of government
For their blatant
a century
That passes in a day's time 
Like an endless loop 
That shudders to a stop 

The world redefined 
An existence without boundries
I am
sarcasm and false sincerity
As words that people mean

Rejection redefined by giving up just what they're after
Someone would tell you
If they could
a world that shouldn't exist
A world within your own sour mind
Where everything can be re-defined
"This is wrong"
"I don't agree"
"I can't accept
scared of my attraction to body types. if everything desired is objectified then eroticism needs to be redefined. and i refuse to be a "man". dead men
Defined by your power 

Defined redefined fucked tortured and discarded

And if he ever cares 
Maybe he will feel ashamed
For everything he's stolen
Please, please don't forget how much I meant to you
When, when you are redefined by someone new

Across what's left of these old places
hear me call I'll make the call
Calling to all the ones who want to be re-defined
Fornicate -Fornicate Yes Fornicate
Fornicate -Fornicate Yes
Solace redefined
And I can't even bring myself to try and figure
(Who I am)
Rosaries and wine
Trying not to see exactly when and where you failed
Now lies have to be broken

Yes, cursed be betrayers
For they shall be left behind
And on this day, grace shall be redefined

For the first time
I see now there is a choice to make
We could be any one, I see now
We turn over, we redefined this reflection
This is a need that we learn like a new
forbidden, lusting for their flesh, sickened evil minds, manipulate to death, one hundred and twenty days, Sodom redefined...
(Circle of) excrement


The clever workings of a haunted mind leaves me maligned
A ceaseless cavern of regret entwined, panic redefined
It's not a question of truth,
sorries, no rewinds
Good friends are hard to find
Sometimes I mind this never knowing

As one more line gets redefined
Good friends are hard to find
the saddest solution
I live only in my mind


Get off the welfare list
Redefined to make it all right
Get off the welfare list
Because it's
yeah, congratulations!
You've redefined your legacy

I languished in a loveless marriage in London
I lived only to read your letters
suddenly redefined

Maybe I'll regret forever
Maybe I'll regret for the rest of my life

Maybe I'll regret it
But I know I'll remember all of this
Fully fused with this frustration 
Sits undermined 
Redefined thoughts 
A change of direction 
This structure's old 

Scatered fragments
me. create me.
A neoteric identity
By you.

Blistered, secreting everything
Into expansion from sin.
Forcibly redefined subdominant
By you.
By blinding
you and I 
This could be the last goodbye 

And I know that I will never ever find 
Another one of a kind a love redefined 
Hold on tight to the one
Designed to deceive myths of supremacy. 
A climate ingrained of fear and disdain. Spawning murderers since
time began. Borders redefined
disdain and steal their grace

I need replacement
To feel redefined
And it's just this matter of identity
You preach elastic
To your jagged flock
There were others in my life
But a vacuum at the centre
I was reaching for the love I couldn't know

When I met you and you redefined my feelings

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