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Reconstruct, the roadbed for the train
As a field director, working man
Sand, fuse and powder in a hole
In the town of Cavendish, Vermont

Then there comes
a notion
Like a burning sky dropped to the ocean
A bitter pill, is it better still
To lay undone your guts for show?
To reconstruct some of your bones?
medication we keep coughing it all in
We live deconstructive just to reconstruct it we keep building it on in
Fear this calm well settle feel it last forever
this image
Of your consciousness
Ready to reconstruct

[Lead: Allenmark]

Do you assume a reality...
Deconstruct then reconstruct your whole structure
Roll ya block 'till it rupture
If ya get knocked off ya money is still cluster
Gettin' clocked by
my feet

You tried to reconstruct the crime scene with a handful of clues
Think you know where I've been going by staring at my shoes
And if you're
I resent what's been said
Ideas under offer into red
I object all the same
You and your stupid army are to blame

Reconstruct or disregard
I'd loved
All the kids are fighting round our town

I'm going to drag you down with me
I'll take you walking by the sea
I'll reconstruct the sweetest sound
know where you're tryina go, and what you want
We dissect and reconstruct the package like a surgeon
Bouncin twice, raise the price, ready to serve ya

And work to reconstruct
This whole that's splintered into parts

Life is a dare
We have to choose and deal with the rest
I must meet this challenge
I must
enters yo' anatomy
Reconstruct yo' mind, niggaz, and shake to' bone cavity
Are you mad at me? take yo' ass to buddha monk's academy
Get a crash-test
Despite the scenes you built to lure me
Redeemed! At last a time to reconstruct myself
But what's the use for redemption if the outcome is this
and to the four
It's Anoyd, Chris Web knocking at the door
'Bout to make an entrance, back on up
Cause that new shit sucks, who let 'em reconstruct?
The rap

and it took us months to reconstruct our faces
purple and frail, searching for food and Oz
and I carry that image not to torture me but remind me
clowns like a hundred somethin
Behold the prophecy peep
The mold in my philosophy deep
Contemplate crime playing for keep
Elevate and reconstruct got
silver spooned
guns for hire
5 maroons
though they couldn't hold a tune to you 
Your lost in social media space
robots reconstruct your
All laid to rest 
Trophies of another time
Begin to reconstruct 
Redesign our poisoned minds

Deep beneath the surface 
Lies our darkest secret

Take me
and taken pieces out of it.
I'll give you enough time to regain your composure
To reconstruct a heart that's torn apart from over-exposure.
I know forever
then give it up, don't lock it down
If it isn't real enough, then give it up and turn around

I give up, forgive, forget, then begin to reconstruct
screams  Simulate Formulate Reconstruct And correlate  Multi-sense Integrate I am this Experience Self-model Control achieved Carbon-based Ego machine""
creator. A fucking tool of demise! A destructive castigator!  Reconstruct your flesh is my canvas. Creating new forms of life. Unrecognizable features
Shoulder blades
A reflected image
Let the light wash over us
Deconstruct and reconstruct
My woman
Let the light erase the day
Let it out, let it out
bricks creating paths
I reset and reconstruct
You only following the last
I hope you see my aura
Vibrant colours doing flat
Only got a couple years
On this
Deep in her belly, I had her squirtin' and bustin' like she was a semi
She like a suck and fuck, ain't gon' stop 'til I bust a nut
I reconstruct

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