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like the rear view mirror
I got new seat covers, blue as the sky
I open up my window and I wave bye-bye
I got a new car in my garage
couldn't take the trail
and Long Shot - him kick de bucket
Long Shot kick de bucket
It was Starbright, Combat, Corazon Long Shot on the rear
It was
the rear

If God is in the heavens
How can this happen here?
In his name, they used the weapons
For the massacre

There is a point below zero
Where the sun
knowing what for
If opportunity rears its head
Will you answer, or stay home in bed?

Because the day is coming, the day is near
The day is coming, you
green lights and those baby blue eyes
Are leaving nothing in that rear view
But dust, nothing but dust

She's fighting back tears, she's fighting back
on a teenage wall

You're just another sucker ready for a fall

You gotta fight from the inside
Attack from the rear
Fight from the inside
You can't win
is taking on control

Rise - and lift you up to
Where the thunder rules

With the wind in the rear
Onto the stratosphere
The engine did ignite
The beat keeps knockin' down my rear view mirror
The beat keeps knockin' down my rear view mirror
The beat keeps knockin' down my rear view mirror
The beat
in the front yards
They hide and seek and laugh
I can almost hear you thinking
How could these days go by so fast

And no rear view could picture
getting high
I'm getting out
Wake me at dark o'clock
Blue left behind
Soon endless night
Just black
Rear view merely waves goodbye
you didn't see him
Catch his smile in the rear view
Out of the blue his guitar entered hard
With three fingers he plays
Praise what he says might
of trying
We'll be broke until we die
I gave up all I own
Broke free (broke free)
On the road

But In my rear-view mirror 
It's always coming nearer
that bleeds and these lovesick blues

I know a poor boy can't go far
Baby, maybe someday drive your car
And I can look in my rear view, into those eyes
There's a light in the window that tells me you're home
Eyes in the rear-view mirror that I call my own
There's a time I remember when I called you
the line.
Soon I'm gonna stand up
Yeah I'm gonna rear up and there's no escape.
Lonely planet

Cold blood bleeding still at least I'm breathing.
on the rear 
It was Starbright, Combat, Corazon 
Long Shot on the rear 
Combat fell, Long Shot fell 
All we money gone a hell
All we money gone a hell
bigger to me
Squares may look distant in her rear view mirror but they're actual size
As she drives away

Big men
Often tremble
As they step aside
Take a little tip from Mr. Johnny Green
Keep your rear view mirror clean
Keep an eye on the road and the one behind
Increase your speed if you're
out of cigarettes and I'm down to my last drag

I'd sure hate to break down here
Nothing up ahead or in the rear view mirror
Out in the middle
rollin' down I-10
Baton Rouge, LSU
Eighteen years in her rear-view
He's got a Friday paycheck lined up, down the block
At daddy's shop
It ain't much, but
lookin' in the rear view
On another run to remember my name.
Not holding on, or letting go.
Just trying to find a little piece of what I don't know.
I got a smelly rear
I got a dirty nose
I don't want no shoes
I don't want no clothes

I'm living like the king of the dogs
I got a piece
No need to look
Into the rear view mirror
The only thing that's right
Is for us to divide
No need to look back
In the rear view mirror

only see you in my rear view
So where did you go, where did you go
I ruined our sweet tune
But how could I know, how could I know
Once we were two

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