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Even if you do, you just might hit one of your own
Life is not about your policies
All the time
So you better rearrange your philosophies
gradients of seasons changin'
Dreams are bent not broke 
Can you help rearrange 'em?

Last call, last chance
Caught you stealing a glance
Without trying
to rearrange it
I ain't the one to tell (No)
If he get nicked up on that block I send him somewhere else
If I whip up in your kitchen, girl
You ain't never
people leave, people let down
People show up, roll up, people grow up
People move out, people disappear
People don't change, people rearrange
people leave, people let down
People show up, roll up, people grow up
People move out, people disappear
People don't change, people rearrange
shinin', you feel me?)
(If I could rearrange the alphabet, you know what I'm sayin')
(It would just be S-T-A-R)

Long time, I know it's been a long time
different kinda shape
Seems to me like everybody's askin' for the Aitch
But I'm busy, get the calendar and rearrange the dates

Two G's on the belt
my heart goes home and

I have been subject to change
Not what I'd rearrange
I never flock with those with fancy feathers
I've met all my friends
making origami, origami

She crossed her legs, then uncrossed her legs
And looked at me, and said, "If you think it's getting heavy, let's rearrange
Changing all your scenery
Saying you don't care
But you're not going anywhere 

Spending all your days
Frozen in your place
Rearrange your face
To ways
I'm on a different tight time
Rearrange designs, girl, I be outside

Bust this hit, get flipped on
Love women, get bitcoins
Bust this hit,
forgets the way she is adored

Joan don't be sad to greet the change
'Cause your beauty stays
While all things rearrange

I took her kindness with me
The whole city rearranges
I can't find familiar without you, ooh, ooh

Even when the sun goes down (oh, oh, oh, oh)
Still know my world goes around (oh,
trying to rearrange
My thoughts just fucking erase me

Tell me one thing
If you ever missed me
Now's your chance for you to tell me you're sorry
That you
for today)
(Hiding from a world of gray)

Whenever you're afraid to make a change
To take a breath and rearrange (aah-aah)
You get a better view

I just watched you get out of the way
As bullets fly across the astral plane
Maybe I want to pretend that
There's really something to defend
fallen day O re-arrange.

O dear white children casual as birds,
Playing among the ruined languages,
So small beside their large confusing words,
So gay
I'll be alright
No, I don't know
If you think I'm crazy
But if you say maybe, I

I'd say, times they change 
And our lives, they rearrange
We were
good from God defend me 
Wicked people want fi rearrange me 
But none ah dam ah could ah ever change me, yeah 

Sunshine on my face 
None ah dem
There's no surrendering to anyone
This life you've had to rearrange
You're never too old to be too young
Now you've unleashed your energy
Mask on
Low tide
The sea of change is in her eyes, just don't let go

He's free from jealousy
He numbs himself to sleep, guilty
Engage or rearrange
And had me moaning like a bitch
Even though I'm wearing jeans, I had to re-arrange my dick so she don't see that I'm erect
It's the first time we
something new
And let the demons rearrange the truth
And believe in everything they say to you

I'm flying around the room
With nothing in my pocket but
of a power misused
I'm dying to move on but everything's going up in flames
If only I could save you
Winds of change that rearrange bring me back to life

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