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from my soul
Do they even care, I don't really know
Just wanna connect
Put your mind in my hands
Rearrange your thoughts, help you understand
We're all
through a mindfield, the words won't rearrange

Red tar, don't leave it
Give it to someone, who'll treat it
Like love, like love
Give it to the other,
be the last time
and it almost feels like fiction
once again there's friction
and it's bringing us down

and as the seasons change
and as we rearrange
will never rearrange
Forever be the same oo same  

First Verse: 
The one they can't tame 
Lap around in my own lane 
No frame
I think out of my brain
and I want it now
Gonna rearrange you from inside out
I know you think it's strange what I'm talking about
But I need you to change and I want it, 
time for games, 
              No more time for playing 
              I will never ever be alone 
              Gotta make a change, time to rearrange
If I could turn the page
In time then I'd rearrange
Just a day or two
Close my, close my, close my eyes
But I couldn't find a way
So I'll settle for
That one moment of truth
The moment of reality
I recognized my life
Was headed straight for tragedy 
I had to make a change
I had to rearrange my
someone's trying to rearrange her
drowning just might be the same

she canoes up the LA river
she canoes up the LA river

her long-sleeves drag

Mask covered
Smoke altered

Dont leave yet

Dont leave yet

Dont leave yet
And all the wasted tears weve cried
Oh, the fun we had
All the good things just turned bad
Oh, the memories
Rearrange themselves to misery for me
Say I'm
I cannot find

New day comes
All days run
People cry for a new life
Chance to change
Rearrange our values
Bring a new mood

Winter coldness seemed
as the fashions change
it's a daisy chain
Thirty seconds is all it takes
to rearrange your brave face
sixty seconds is all you get
to change the story
you be
to rearrange
Four days in I've been laying on the floor
Since u left M.I.A
I made it broken lips and all
You're my saving grace

Catch me, catch me, on the side
Wait a minute
Wait a minute
I can't change them
Take their thoughts
Rearrange them
I was thinkin'
I was thinkin'
We could be so bold
Dream up a love
We’ve never seen an angel
We’ve never touched its wings
Just trying to rearrange our lives
As best as we can

Nothing’s gonna make us pray
No one’s
I do is rearrange the flowers
I don't know what else to do
I'm the silent sadness in the water
Slowly rushing over you

We started ironing the bedding
My power piggy punch
Will rearrange your face

Ocean swell and thunder roar
Monkey clashes with the boar
Heaven shake and planets spin
Both are mighty
(Tell me what you want me to do)
If you let me, I'll get clean, and I'll be better for both you and for me
(I'd do anything for you)

one who can rewrite my story
The only one who can rearrange my heart beat
Is you
You are the only one who can remake the world I've seen
The only one
What I used to be will pass away
Now that you're not here
Re-arrange my thoughts
Step on the train
I know tomorrow
It has a solution for my mistakes
Or stay the same
Let's rearrange
Or take it case by case

Ice caps
Going by the day
A memory
Let go 
Don't you try to find the reason in the rhyme
Before I see your face?

(Hey-hey, hey, hey)

You can’t ever change it
And you can’t rearrange it
I wish that I could see you
Wish you could be here
records, (for your records)
Never follow the lead, motivations
The path too dark to see

Can't turn it back, can't turn away
Rearrange those words you

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