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Sky launch, stop was staunch
2 prestigious guests; quoth of death

Never remember, September eleventh - parallel
Too disturbing to mention
Never mind
don't get yourself in a snit, " he said, 
"tuck your tantrums into your kit instead. 
"it's disarming to be charming," 
Quoth the medicine man, 
wanna make you a liar
You've said it so many times before
Thus quoth the raven nevermore

And you don't have to say you love me
That's a fire you've come
on trampolines
They tapped ten kegs since9:15
And they've got girls on trampolines”
Quoth the Party Guy, he doesn't ever lie, it sounds like their scene, but
disposition to a panic attack

On this side the incumbent
And who quoth
There's only one everything
Red sucker mouth
A solemn oath

If morning comes
As the nightmare fades
The lightest steps
Leading me to grace
I'll try again

A perching crow
Quoth time to let go
this unction engine has laboured to gain.

Queen: Alas, sweet lady, what imports this song?

Ophelia: Say you? Nay, pray you mark.

Quoth she,

to celestial fire
Quoth the crowned and conquering one
The fiery joy, seated as a great lost god.

The eagle spake!

Fragrant steam sent up by offerings
his heart, it was gone like the 
Wind kills a spark 

Nevermore, nevermore, quoth the raven his 
Unyielding lore 
Nevermore, nevermore and the old man

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