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Motor boating your's, nitro gasoline
Santa rolls in yo ho-ho-ho's chimney
Throat quenching she choke, swallow, when is he
Ever gone let go
quenching my thirst
I pour my heart verse for when I write and rehease
Fully immersed I'm here for better or worse
And I'm a keep on rolling till it ends in
get my strength from going thru battles and fighting temptations like Ike and Tina (fight)

He quenching my thirst like it's Aquifina 
I stay on my toes
neglected now I  learned to accept it 
Filling up on this holy water but my thirst isn't quenching 
There must be more to this life that I'm living 
Ladies and gentlemen, you are now listening to that soul lifting life-giving, thirst
Quenching Good News Funk
This that music get you movin
If you
the dessert with no water for your quenching
Scared to spread ur wings so u begin 2 block ur blessings
Death before dishonor if a sucka nigga testing
But what
of me was gone before I could run
Now I hold my breath each time I step
This fear is what you love
Constantly quenching your tongue

All those promises
Retro funky beats 
For my Mercury on retrograde
In the zone, quenching my soul's thirst
Is how I'm getting paid
Essiboi on this beat
Everybody likes
coast west coast and the Dirty south
I'm No Coast in the middle with the potty mouth
Thoughtful rhymes rain down quenching your drought

I'm quenching her thirst 
I ate her out first to make it more easy to slide in 
In my car all alone nobody else riding 
This purple is strong

I don't know
Guess I'm doing something right 
They keep tellin me 
That i give em life 
Quenching niggas thirst 
Flow is like a sprite 
mends all our broken bones
You see the truth in our eyes, well your best just ain't enough
Our wave is quenching your fire
You're losing your kingdom come
Find instances of happiness despite tension 
Sprite quenching, thirsty for the light glisten 
You might listen once diamonds hang on a tight pendant
quenching my soul
Without You I couldn't breathe; yes, without You I would not be

Why my God, why have You accepted me?
In spite of the sins I've done
off of the booze 
Quenching my thirst 
But I'm never satisfied 
When they ask I say I'm fine 
Knowing I'm not
Nigga I'm buzzed, I feel a rush 
Certain fates that pull me to
No one else can help me through

Deep space and a silver gloom
Quenching my thirst when I'm next to you
Because without you
of water
I'ma dive in head first
Pearls under water shine bright
Quenching my thirst
She grabbing my mic
Gripping it tight
Apple bottom jeans so ripe
spitting holy water our all over this verse
Cause when your ladies sees me
I'm just quenching they thist

Keep that shit rolling 

You better know I'm
Just know that I'm running a bag (Eugh)
Not chasing these hoes they be bluffing
Quenching my thirst with these diamonds
They wrap on my neck
You love it when I straddle your face, as I let you lick the taste of my inner aura
Dripping down the palette of your tongue, quenching your thirst
If you can't finish it
Everytime I'm thirsty for your body
You be quenching it
Now your ex be steady tryna talk
But you ain't hearing it
He took
When you I'm said I'm lazy
Ain't no quenching my faith
Ye yeh
I  just woke up feeling rich as fuck
They believed me
Now I'm making millions
And did I mention while quenching your thirst with apprehension
You got some women just stripping because their father's missing
While other women stripping
me back where I began
I'm His soldier, on the march
Quenching all the devil's darts
Mmm mmm mmm

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