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pouring out?

When we turn back around the light shines
Dry your tears and calm down the light shines

Nine hundred failures later on
Quenching my thirst
Stroking on yellow bones
Quenching my thirst
Thirst quench
I ain't really fucking with these niggas
They just round here for the liquor
Pour it
is a first for you
This is a curse and you're left desperately seeking a feeling of reverence
It's quenching a thirst for you

We are all left
Forming a river that carries revival
Reaching out with the Word of the Lord
We are dew

Standing alone, we're only one raindrop
Quenching the thirty
But I'm still racking my brains for ways to defend
I find myself lost in memories of firsts
Steam bubbles up, I'm quenching my thirst
This tub is
long talking ai
Yeah oya muntiase
I go enter your system from Backseat
As we quenching the fire
Use voltic
And we smoke Lala
We Dag dem ready fi d fire
Til he fall to his knees
Push on down the well
Til you quenching his Fire
Still ain't gonna give you
What your heart desire

You got the wrong Devil
achin my body all throughout all of my soul
Always quenching my feelings
Never do it now more
Been returning this misery man it's killing me slow
in reverse
Fuck these hoes i ain't quenching their thirst
Feelings let it ride in a horse
I finish em pass me the torch
Need no help only fuck with
just to share his love
The big red flashy cars keep trying
To put out you
Quenching down the creatures of your own
But never mind you'll always be
live a pure life, and serve my time
I wanna go to hell when I die
Cuz that's what the cool kids say
And I want to be a cool river some day
A quenching
to me
Higher tides are quenching
Wash over me
Winding up my ocean with
Drown in your devotion
Just you and me
We'll be floating floating
control use my soul as a chaser
Quenching the thirst with the shots I'm a failure
Tell the devil if he's got an offer ill take it
I'm afraid of the end
like they was ordurves
Eating them xannys like they was strawbursts
Sipping that lean it be quenching my thirst
Give me a pack when I ride in that hurse
She wanna ride with a nigga
Fenty drip all on her face
Savage coke bottle her figure
She tryna  give me a taste
Quenching my  thirst imma  need her
Quenching your thirst with the melting of snows
Kneeling down by an icy brook
Looking up to the new sun rise
That's blazing it's way through
my pool
Away from what you know
Oww boy oww boy
You’ve been quenching your thirst
But I hope you’ve learned
Not every eve deserves a turn
Oww boy oww
it up
Night time party with demons only in God I trust
Looking above silly for thinking I'm dumb
Quenching her thirst I'm looking for snacks she
for my home here
Drop by drop, quenching the thirst
Making the best of what was the worst
it's quenching
Is thirsting for me
Hush little baby don't you cry
Mama won't say goodbye
At the hands, of the beast
A prelude, to the feast
Under the sky, killing goes on
Wasting of souls
Quenching your thirst for blood
Circle of hate
Of years passed
a nigga was burping I'm quenching her thirst with a ISp
Throw it up I hawk it down get a pick
Ain't moving sticks I went an got 6
Labels keep calling I'm
Sitting in the rain and I’m quenching every spark
No lights
No stars
Leaning off the edge now I’m swimming in the dark
To love 
How to love 
To love 

I said I would go first (I'll go first) 
Pour all my love out and know that it'd never hurt 
Quenching the world of its

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