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town, hey, hey, hey, hey
I've got this red right hand that points me south
The puke green cloud just spat me out
Into the hot heartland, I've landed
friend holds your head back
When you puke
Tonight's the night
So grab your whatever
Lift your something
Here's a toast to you!

strings, tails and lasers
In a steel cage match with a maze of cables
Brazen, game-face based on Azazel
Oversized ears up, puke in the Meow Mix
to join you, but I'm already dead

Come on, don't be scared 
But I do eat fear, and I puke fire

Now when you're all covered in fire
You can join me
something honest it would have to be a fluke 
As all the rest of your bullshit dribbles out of you like puke 
Anyone that falls for you is one less pain for
got puke, ridden prisons and sex sick jails
Fuck the poor, if you're rich you pay the bail
So support your police, support your local wars

There's a yuppie on a cellular phone
I'm gonna puke if I here any more
There's a motorcycle zoomin' by me
Watch what happens when I open my
Hold on. I'll check.
Mike Rotch! Mike Rotch!
Hey, has anybody seen Mike Rotch lately?
Listen to me, you little puke.
One of these days, I'm going
and hide the keys
Tell her friends she's doing great
Watch her puke and masturbate
Lie her down when she starts to trip
Wipe the drool off of her lip
Where'd you get those shoes?
I think I'm gonna puke
So-called artists hang at Copymat
Duplicating each other's crap
Virgins sing about sex
We stole this
But you're just so pathetic that it makes me wanna puke.
You stupid little shit, go suck your mommy's tit.
Get lost.

Loser, loser.
Get a life and live
you may puke a lot
And could ya' pay me that money ya' owe me
Ya' know I really hate to put you on the spot

'Cause you got an earwig
It's crawling
they're wrong
(I was talking to my, my buddy Bernie, about these hooker people, fuckin' puke, I think they eh..forget it)
Hundreds of potholes, and half
He's got plenty of drugs
But he can't find his guitar
Winds up drowning in puke
Or with a needle hanging out of his arm

This is plea for drugs
Hey hey
I am so sick of you
You're on my nerves
I want to puke
Get outta my face
Hey hey 
Hey hey, hey hey

[Chorus: x2]
puke all over the floor
We're gonna die tomorrow
So let's get hammered like never before

The clock is runnin' down, you see
You gotta do
as low as you,
But don't trip you'll sober up soon.
Regain an honest perspective as you puke on the floor.
Can't remember why your knees are so cut up
we'll go on the
Zipper look out on the ocean
And puke it all up all the people will scream
We can have a laugh what do
You say? that's what it said in
so all you other pukes can just throw in the towel
Don't bother waitin' cause it's gonna be awhile
And she don't even care about you anyhow
Yeah that
pukes compassion over
A world of concrete emotion
Researchers found some new lines
In their hymbooks and they read
So the little superbrains
Confused by
I have never been one for prettiness prettiness
Thinking of lace 'bout makes me puke
But the thing I just bought has a little bit little bit
Radio's a public toilet
A funeral for a friend
Wash your mouth out then puke
And wash it out again
Scores for porn in short
Is audio intercourse
gonna do?
Better move quick before I puke
If you can't perform I'll go back to the club
Don't waste my time when I want to fuck

Screw me at night

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