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Slackjaw live in the cellar
They let him grind the trash
Clumps of hair and puke and bones
Piles of broken glass
Finds pictures of pretty girls
Gulp Gulp Gulp
Gulp Gulp Gulp
I want to drink more beer
Until I puke

Drink Drank Punk (x4)

I'm so cool
Cause I can drink so much
I can
the outside
Its green with lines of gold
Some say it looks like puke
But I like it anyway

I am the one they call Boobie the clown
Walking down the hall,
Woke up drunk again this morning
Blood on my sleeve and
Puke chunks in my hair

I don't care
And neither does this girl beside me
What was her name
I love livin' in the city (x2)
My house smells just like the zoo
It chock full of shit and puke
Cockroaches on the walls
Crabs crawlin' on my
They'll such you dry tonight it'll suck suck you dry tonight puke and cry to like a picture waste away at the drop of dime nickels and quarters are
Eat's Denny's and pukes
He's a teenage gluesniffer
Well he's a teenage gluesniffer
Well he's a teenage gluesniffer
Oh oh oh yeah
Oh oh oh yeah
I love living in the city
I love living in the city
My house smells just like a zoo
It's chock full of shit and puke
Cockroaches on the walls
Their muscle-tone sharpens but their hold on reality blurs
You can have your cake and eat it, and never have to puke up athing
Jerusalem on the jukebox,
Libraries of rubble

I don't want to know
Whoa whoa!
Who gets the highest score
No no!
That's when my poodle pukes
Yeah yeah!
never feel the same.
I'm swimming in a sea of puke.
Lend me a quarter play myself on the juke.
Got my kid brother hooked yesterday.
Pimping him pays
a particularly horrible
Way to choose to die

You hate to puke
Yet you induce
Nausea at the very end
You potentially do that to your bank
And you flush it down
flaking out
Wish I knew what that's about
Sure not over you
Sure not over you
Every night we're drifting farther
A Vibe so bad I wanna puke
But all
they're all ingrates)
They steal, they cheat, they take take take

Wart, Wart Hog
Wart, Wart Hog
Wart, Wart Hog

I want to puke, I can't sit
a beautiful thing
To see that beautiful thing continuing

I don't live there, I just commute
Secretly cradling a joint, I might puke
Fumble with the keys, under
It's spreading faster than British tooth decay
"Are you ready to rock", "How you all doin' tonight"
You condescending fucks make me want to puke
of my own rebuke
Come spinning back like a boomerang
I swam the sea of psychotic puke
Nursing my love like a guilty pang
Stella the artist
Just for
(One, two, three huh!)

Little Billy drunk on beer
Plops down behind the steering wheel
His prom date pukes on her brand new dress
He wonders

Innocent people pray for my soul, lurid impurity
Lurid impurity

I cannot believe the thoughts that cross my mind
They make some people puke
a simple life style.
Some say you're foul, n' some say you puke,
Though I don't give a hoot, shoot.
You're here tonight to show us your stuff. 
Kiss kiss puke hate rack suit riff raff
Bash slut mash butt beat that spic brat
Stab dyke snap neck kill punk scum bags

I got a right to light
Indifferent smiles
Don't make me puke and scream
playing back the clebt

First I choke you 'til you puke
then I'll gouge your eyes
then it's time to break your spine
my promices aren't lies
and when
puke in bed
I think its time your clear your throat
I think you know the anecdote

[Repeat Chorus]

Blowin' Chunks!!! [4x]

[Repeat Chorus]

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