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tongue, when it comes out
From the puffed, and flanulent mexican rubbergoods mask.

Next time they show the brnokka
Make me buy the flosser.
Make me grow
turned his nose and puffed his chest
He didn't run off like his brother
But his soul was just as dead
What if the church on Sunday
Was still the church
wanting to
My soul so cynical

So you're a tough guy
Like it really rough guy
Just can't get enough guy
Chest always so puffed guy
I'm that bad type
a mountain that went almost to the sky
The Little engine moaned and groaned and huffed and puffed away
But halfway to the top it just gave up and seemed
the chrome lady in the front
Bendin' over like she just puffed Busta's blunt
I told y'all muh'fucka's once, I think I'm hungry
Finna eat y'all niggas' lunch
was his jaw), it dropped thirty feet! 
Ooh, a bunch of dust puffed out! rocks and boulders hacked up, 
(hack! hack! hack! hack hack! hack! hack!)
here with the MTV
And your bloated, Burmese cat
We're being treated to the wisdom
Of some puffed up little fart
Doing exactly what I used to do
all covered with flies
Dirty brown
Floppin' around
Puffed up 'n bloated
When the sun goes down

Frogs with dirty little nose
Dirty little spots all over
a cliff), well it dropped thirty feet!

A bunch of dust puffed out! Rocks and boulders hacked up, (hack! hack!) crushing 'The LINCOLN'!

I gave him
upstairs with a fresh stunt
Grabbed the rump, pushed the stunt in the closet
Sparked the blunt, humped the rump
Puffed the blunt, bust a nut ­ AAHHH!
hat and scuffed his heel
And puffed real hard on his cheap cigar
And he spewed the smoke out in the air
And asked her if that was a wig on her head
Make you twist to the list

Of a funky brain cell when it's puffed on a spliff
And all that, the hi hat, go buy that
Listen, look, oops, brother where
Blind fish being used as musical scales
Sharks puffed for fish and whales
I long to be by the sea where a blossom falls from a cherry tree
That's what
might be sad that you played yourself
Cause you stepped up, chest puffed out
And in just one lyric, you got snuffed out
Cause rhymin is serious, I'm
get it
"Take me to the Lakers Mix, so we can get wit' it"
Oh no, time for the ramble, bring a jimmy hat
'Cause I hate to gamble
Huffed 'n puffed 'n I
puffed it
Me I got crew kids seven and a crescent
Us cause a buzz when the nickel bags are dealt
Him, that's my man with the asteroid belt
They catch

We get ya free cause the clips be fat boss
Them they're the jams and commence to goin' off
She sweats the beat and ask me cause she puffed it
not jealous, love it does not brag
Love don't get puffed up, love it never fails, it never fails
So tell me, tell me that you love me
Now that you
You ooh ooh
Another hairdo
Mobutu shoes

This Roman nose
You're uglatto

You grin like a star
The grille of a car
Fat Oldsmobilo
A puffed potato
everybody had a greasy charm
mr. big and the pistols
kissy kissy baby
this was bizarre
they huffed and they puffed
they blew me away 
Dogs get mad when niggas stand broke
With a phat rope, yo, what a joke!
Shit, I had coke and fifty pound notes
Puffed it for those niggas I know
Bustaz get so dazed and amazed
There's Lil' Fly's chance
Memories of smoked out locked out puffed out as them demons dance
Playaz lookin' wild
Make you twist to the list
Of a funky brain cell when it's puffed on a spliff

And all that, the hi hat, go buy that
Listen, look, oops, brother
But we had no room inside
We put em in the trunk, we put em on the hoods
Some sat up with the Rude Boy and puffed on his wood
Our crew is gettin'

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