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as fly
Everybody want her
They always try
She do her own thing choosin' who she likes

I am prolific
She love when I lick it
My tongue is the ticket
a problem or maybe a bad habit
Maybe I'm a monster or maybe I'm just manic
Maybe I'm just manic alright

When they see I'm so prolific
the list is long
And it's prolific
If we use some honesty 
To the little one following 
Us constantly
Imma go first
And Imma come clean 
I got my
Basking in glorious poison
Potent poems tell my story
The most somber of sonnets
The most twisted of logic 
The most prolific of prophets
I am not defined
stunned, purposeless future
Daily routine as brief passage to eternity
Strategy of tension, prolific in results
Effective way to manipulate

Connecting all
for the ignorant
Prolific with my penmanship 
Manipulating manuscripts 
To manage manic malignant
Mechanics of our interests 
In a panic people plan
Repeating the process
Same shit all day
Yeah, I’ve been okay
Repeating the process
Stay in bed all day

Yeah I promise you that I am fine
It’s so prolific
I'm too prolific
Never retire like Kobe
Don't touch me 
Amen, I might turn you holy
These tings move thirsty 
And they asking for the old me
And I'm
prolific at delays
I'm even better spending days
Doing less is my style
I'd rather not make a move
I don't want to kill the mood
Doing something worthwhile
writtens So prolific that's the holy truth 

I fuck with oli deep but this ain't no light flex 
I got these girls jumping and bumping but this ain't
Wish their vibe was still real
Now it all sounds the same
And all the grooves that they steal
All the blues down on beale
Prolific wisdom english poets
claimin' you're terrific
Got dropped from your label like extra prolific
Your implements is impotent, insignificant
Couldn't battle, if in Creek in Michigan
As I twist these melodies
Hella MC's seize these fellas be
prolific, with it, all intact
Keep in touch even though I'm only callin back
wack, you're
Greenroom, Battle Creek Funeral Simulation
Type writehead collide. 
Tap tap paper tie. 
Prolific benign. Fill me throat cheap rye. 
I breathe a funeral
a pimple
Unsightly and sore to the touch
The peace in my mind
Has been so hard to come by
And you become more of a crutch
You're prolific in bed
on the weak 
Slow painful suicide that steals from each man 
Hells fire soon returns to rape the well 
Prolific doom machine that hears our words 

the least expected
Hop on and get rejected
Walk on and feel neglected
I feel like I'm the message
Unheard but I'm the message
I'm the last prolific
smelling salts in the south Pacific
I'm so prolific, I done and did it

It was in the rainbow (Oh)
Never go where the rain don't (Oh)
Ever seen
statistic with anything but success
When I bless the mic as I spit this
Specifically prolific with coprocessor coma type sickness
My style is like a ten
travel given the right set of wings
You can see everything

It's a quick turn the corner back into prolific
You take the summer off jotting things down
to be prolific
Super seeds our goal of coexistence
Its kind of ironic fueled by grief of valued possessions
And in the end we decompose back to nothing
A prolific game of shock and awe meticulously orchestrated And we are left to weep  Let it be known that we are death The bastard offspring of selfish filth
real sickening, contagious
Here I come, AZ
Still, I dont have to run no games I've done those thangs

Young and gifted my tongues prolific
we are
we must praise

If I was a doctor
I would use my research
A prolific dissertation
If I was a speaker
I would use my hands
If I were

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