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Programmes of violence, 
As entertainment, 
Brings the disease into your room. 
We know the germ, 
Which is man-made in metal, 
Is really a key
spinetrak, my spinetrak (On news programmes)
You are my spinetrak, my spinetrak, my spinetrak 

On news programs 
And application pages for
evening, lovers of quality entertainment 
Good evening to the others that don't know hit 
Even you will leave here with a t-shirt and a programme 
à Montauban
Et pour finir cette belle journée
Nous irons nous asseoir sur un banc

Quel programme vous avez trouvé là

L'époux volage hélas ne revint pas
trois, quatre,
Un, deux trois, quatre,
C'est mon programme est-ce qu'il vous plaît ? »
À coups d'fusil on dut l'abattre
Il expira au deuxième couplet.

each day
I've got all the toys from his programme
And all of his past shows on tape

You know I'll think of you
Your picture on the wall
I would
I want to be in the witness protection programme
I don't like what we've become
We've become borderline obsessive compulsives
Stop the world I
Or in a shopping mall.
Reading the same books.

Watching the same TV programmes.
Wearing the same clothes.
Travelling to the same places.
And taking
a spark with the right connection
I need your wiring diagram
I need to break into your programme
You've put my heart on hold, freeze frame
You've put my
Institution, as stock theatre, or popular culture with a centralized
Programme. One transmitter and a multitude of receivers, and with a
Communication through
Don't know what you're stalling for
Get with the programme, I got the flow and I've got the dough and money to blow
And, this ain't a slow jam, ready
Un jour, quoi que tu fasses, tu feras son malheur
Tu te rappelleras cet homme que voilà
Je connais ton programme, je vois ton avenir
Un jour, quoi que tu fasses, tu feras son malheur
Tu te rappelleras cet homme que voilà
Je connais ton programme, je vois ton avenir
Ecstasy boost, ecstasy

The coffee increases shirt crease
Turn up for the books now
Trouser it to me
Don't hang me up now

The programme you
me up now

[Spoken]: The programme you have been listening to is a one-act play in eight parts by G. G. Dunnett for eighteen albatrosses

You programme love insatiable crime 
Imprisons me in liberty 
Your chauvinism's a sensuous smile 
Transmission of commercial love
le temps
D'une étincelle
Je m'en contre fous si ça permet de rêver
De faire un détour loin des chemins programmés
Toujours pareils
Et le vent de folie
Dis-lui toi que je t'aime
Ou programme-moi sur IBM
Je n'aimerais pas le blesser
Je m'rends compte que pour compte nous l'avons laissé
Dis-lui toi
didn't cry
I programme Robots 2 make them lie

Twenty twenty vision to see
I can see
So finally
It's got to be
Down, down to me

If tears could
shroud on a coral reef,
A black cloud`s hanging over me.
When I hit on the remote,
The programmes stay the same.
Credo, credo, credo, credo.
Get well soon
Get well soon
Am I the only one tuned in to Luxembourg tonight
Do they only programme music to accompany my cough
Lousy words
du jour, du lieu ou du programme
et qu'on se demande à qui voudra rendre l'âme
la vie est une graisse ardente
elle nous dévore, elle nous enchante
aspect de Vénus
En Verseau ascendant recto
Échafaudez un programme strict
N'oubliez pas l'audace
La vierge pense au taureau
La vierge pense au taureau
the connect game, fucking up the programme
Then they realise we don't care
We don't just say no, we to busy saying yeeah!
About drinking, straight out

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