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Rigor mortis sets in, achieving thrills
The doctor is in

Let us cut your artery
Let us trip your humanity
Let us drain you profusely
Let us expose
And I'm bleeding profusely
Panalivio malivio san

It's not blood that pours out of me
It's the hunger that's killing me
Panalivio malivio san
Can you see us when we bleed
With wounds a mile deep spraying profusely?
The pain to feel indeed it grows
The tables are turned instead to fuel
I still got the best kung fu,
Call me Bruce Lee,
I still got a bad hairline,
And need new teeth.

I'm the last,
I'm the last,
I'm the last emperor,
This time I think I'll take too much
Barely breathing, profusely bleeding
I'd get my gun, if I could move
And put myself in the ground

Take a pill
And if you think you're going to escape
We'll cut you down, like weeds at the gate
Laughing at you loudly as you die
Your wounds bleed profusely, say
and psycho hum
I must get moving on

Open wound bleed profusely
Drain me till I pass out
Lead me on through the doorway
Ascend in mirth to resplendent rebirth
You'll hear them breaking bones
Silently pacing
All fear erased here
It's time to face it
Cold sweats profusely
Crowd chanting loudly
One goal
the worst
And still you caused the sky to stop
How could you leave me
While bleeding profusely
I'm begging I'm in need
Or is that what you want

So take

Polish our pretences just to numb the senses
Sweep the dust under the carpet
Best love wreck

Your mood swings profusely
Sweating the small things
their turn

They tie her to a wooden post
She starts to scream
She's knocked unconscious
And then probed with a fist

Starts to bleed profusely
Eyes gouging out of head
Mangled intestines
Fractured limbs piercing
Through the flesh
Bleeding profusely
Feel my wrath
I crush your soul
You smoked with a grin
You were huffin' profusely
You spit in the wind
Then tried to seduce me
One Sunday mornin'
You're acting crazy my friend
profusely and loosely
Evoke the one quote

Call and I'll be there
Talkin' to you now
We do, to believe in me
To we be easily
Where r u goin'?

Call and I'll
straight kill time profusely
Go hard, there ain't no excuse
I get a shot then I won't get loose
But I won't let you
Tryin' to take advantage of my heart
profusely and loosely
Evoke the one quote

Call and I'll be there
Talkin' to you now
We do, to believe in me
To we be easily
Where are you goin'?

a feeling it is
to feel her still warm dead skin
Her limp body still bleeds profusely
with my knife I slice her pretty face,
I cant stop laughing.

Your crew bleeds too profusely
Who gave groupies ______
Standing over the remains of a slain fifth-grade class mate
Who's got cooties
Excuse me, emcees
crowd swarm
Like fabric get torn Charizmatik I'm sworn
To always do the duty
The rhymes are problematic and they always come profusely

Want some fuckin'
woman so alone in the night
Oh, I had them all satisfied profusely
(Every night by myself)

Ten thousand trolls hard as rock cold as ice
Oh, they ran
to assimilate
We'll rot or annihilate

Agony profusely stains
The inner thinking of the brain
Accusations clanking chains
Experiments with the groans

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