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""Vile scent of corrosive pest Through a pestilent toxic corrosive march Contagious mortal procession survival through trails of waste  Open
procession useless devotion walking aligned into the wind""
The funeral procession passed by here today. Confusion and questions left strewn in its wake. But I feel like I knew his pain  a mechanical failure
songs of mercy ringing out

But I am lonely
And dead inside [Eph 2: 1]
Clearly God doesn't love me
So I'll just wait outside
Watching the procession
of things, but it's really lying
And to the Lord, the good life is really dying
I'm the Lord's procession, so my heart's in the heavens'
True religion in my
A fatal kiss, my muse, there's nothing I can do for you

It's raining sulphur tonight
An anti-climactic procession
Yielding an undying, uniformed
Follow her footsteps
Procession begins
Now that the Great Year has come to an end
J'y pensais seul la nuit sous les traits d'un jeune homme inquiet
Quand la Lune dort le Soleil luit, moi je ne vois qu'elle

Dans l'Univers y
watch my triumphant procession to Rome
Best seat in the house
Up there on the cross
Is it anger or envy, profit or loss
That we would choose to kill
And hunkered in the curb side dusk
Holding out my thumb
In no great hope at the ramshackle procession of home bound traffic
An ancient
him pretty for when his mama comes
But he's mine now, that death is done
 Funeral procession
On bended knee
Military boy
At the age of 19
Calling for
Que maison de verre aux éclats érodés par le vent…

(Farewell, my love, film noir, sweet folly of two
Farewell, somber procession, trompe-l'oeil
best left alone
Close your eyes and walk away
Procession day
The procession in progress
Withered hands grip the casket
The bearers bear nothing but laughter
Carried onward by a familiar skeletal embrace

blame me I haven't got blood on my hands

As the procession led her away some people stood and stared
And it almost sent me reeling
I thought of ways
A little girl's leading the procession
with move's making strong impression
she's raising the mace in her hand
and that's the cue
for the band

Na na na
Sit very still you can hear distant marching,
over on Alderley hill.
Half close your eyes and imagine procession,
drums beating on feel a chill.
blarin' a sad corrido
"La tierra del sol suspiro por verte
Quisiera llorar, quisiera morrir"
Come this November's Procession
Mezcal on Sunday with tears
Tyrannized, sedated.
Eyes riveted to the screen.
Deafened by sirens, badges and uniforms.
A ritualized procession above the catacombs.
The procession of consumerism leads
And we follow blindly
Brainless, brain leash
you call out
(When you fall down)
I will come to you, I will come to you
(When you fall down)

On your wedding day
Or a funeral procession
procession moves
And we follow them down into the cold, cold ground

Remember the things that we said
The faith that we hold, the trees in winter
The things
find love there again.

Dressed in white you mourned nothing,
As you led the procession with a smile.
There was no eulogy given,
For no kind words
On your wedding day
Or a funeral procession
A fleeting notion
Or a moody obsession

A shriek of a devil
Or the laugh of a child
A saint's fervent prayer

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