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and they're addicted to war.
They're addicted to war and they can't break the habit
It should prevail. It could be drugs)

This is a song dedicated
for real niggas cuz
There's no defense for the truth so what the deal nigga
No matter who tell it, real niggas always prevail
Just like a fake nigga
spread rumors, will you defend me, tooth and nail? (Uh-huh)
They try to frame me, will you be there, till the truth prevail? (uhh)
(But would you be
knees, beggin GOD PLEASE
Save me from the fires of hell
Let water water soul prevail, 'cause I can't take no more
Who's that knockin', at, my door?
Is that
So he bringing them hell, I'm fresh out of jail
It's time to prevail gotta kill you niggas or my name isn't Nell
Denzel with the blues, bet they
hard, the audience is listenin' 


My life consists of making songs 
Of quality controlling, balancing on platforms 
The space between is
through Vancouver from the lamp light to port side
Count all those door steps and yell out my name loud
Prevail and fail is not an option
Yo, another
Lyte is everlasting it's hard to believe
I shall prevail cause I'm next to none
Cause I'm claiming no set, don't plan to get down.
Just Brooklyn
the bait and get caught in the net, ayy
Evil will never prevail, suckers
What is real will never fail to prosper
Came from the ground to the top,
The babies as well
We killing our brothers
They poisoned the well
Distorted self image
We set up to fail
I'ma make sure that the real gon' prevail, nigga
and them used to do they pants
Your homegirl just mad, 'cause her dude ain't Cham
The kid goin to prevail when it come to the skills
Like LL "I be doin it
Still in touch with myself, that flashy shit won't prevail
I really be shopping for happiness, but that shit ain't for sale
But if you don't show
once it seems a hope and good can prevail.
1990 Saddam Hussein invades Kuwait, U.N. troops leave
To face the unknown horrors of modern warfare.
vow that the vile minions of Xothan'kur shall not
prevail... Liberating the fettered power of the moon-crystal, I sever the
tendrils of their dark
pictures, I don't rhyme words
More then a rapper, I pay attention to detail
'Bout how I do in retail, tells me if I prevail
Been long since I seen this
pictures, I don't rhyme words
More then a rapper, I pay attention to detail
'Bout how I do in retail, tells me if I prevail
Been long since I seen this
And justice will prevail, and that'll be the end of the story
Of the Valentine's Day killer's miserable life
So I asked Kevin by email, "By the way
How are
a religious fanatic will prevail against the Legion, sire. Our steel is proof against such diabolism! Behold! Gul-Tryarch has fallen, Gul-Azlaan has been given
they seen the glitch
No, no, no
Face it, I got it covered
Prevail, they say the sail was a threat to Hell
The gravitational stitch cause some niggas seem

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